EU Business School Signs African Partner, Launches Elite Successors’ Programme

One of the Europe’s most prestigious Business Schools, the European Union (EU) Business School, has signed a collaboration agreement with the African Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Institute Ltd/ GTE of Nigeria.
In a packed event in Lagos recently, the President of the EU Business School, who was represented by Mr. Luis Fernando Aguilar Aivarez, Senior Regional Manager, stated that the Business School’s expansion into West Africa and Nigeria will afford Nigerian executives, professionals and students, extensive access to World class business.

He stressed that it will also afford them enterprise development education, which has otherwise been only available to citizens of the EU.
President of the EU Business School went further to commend the African Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Institute Lagos for investing in the structures and the technology required to support Nigerian and West African executives, professionals and students to undertake the world-class courses offered by the school.
Students, professionals and executives, a statement from the organisation said, have the unique option to study abroad at one of the three European campuses operated by the school.

It stated that these include Geneva Switzerland campus, Munich Germany campus and Barcelona Spain campus or they can participate fully in any of EU Business School’s Programmes by attending the Lagos Digital Campus operated in Lagos by the African Enterprise and Entrepr                                                                                                                                          eneurship Institute.
EU Business School is one of the most reputable privately owned European based Business training Institutions in the World today.
The higher education institution was founded in 1973 and it currently offers educative programmes that are exclusively related to the various aspects of business studies.

The EU business school is also offering strategic special short executive leadership and strategy programmes operated in collaboration with the African Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Institute of Nigeria.
These executive programmes, it said, include but are not limited to the “elite successors” programmes  which are designed to support designated successors to build sustainable enterprises beyond the original founders’ dreams.
trategic emphasis, it stressed, is placed on disruptive markets, new job creation, and technologies to watch.
The Founder and President of the African Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Institute, Dr Nicky Okoye, said: “We are very proud of our collaboration with the EU Business School.

“We expect that this dynamic relationship will unlock strategic value for many Nigerian and African executives, professionals and students seeking an affordable world class education going forward.
“Our Lagos digital campus provides Nigerian students and executives with the rear opportunity and privilege to cut their foreign study costs by almost 80 per cent, and they still get the opportunity to graduate at the Gevena Switzerland campus.

“We are particularly excited that our ‘elite successors’ programme will hosted at the Gevena campus of the EU Business School, giving Nigerian and African conglomerates as well as family businesses the privilege and rear opportunity to prepare their designated successors for the challenges of business growth well into the future. “
 Okoye is a co-founder of Transcorp Plc and he served as Transcorp Plc’s first Group Executive Director Operations and Strategy. He led Transcorp Plc’s initial fund raising efforts which succeeded in raising an  unprecedented $1 billion, over a short 12-month period.

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