DPG Boss Calls for Grassroots Involvement in Nigerian Politics

Funmi Ogundare 

National Director, Directorate of Politics and Governance ( DPG), Rev. Femi Emmanuel, has called for grassroots involvement in Nigerian politics so that credible candidates can be voted into public office.

Rev. Emmanuel made this call, at a two-day train-the-trainer summit,  ‘Raising a New Generation of Political Leaders’ in Lagos.

The conference held in partnership with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, is a global initiative dedicated to inspiring and equipping world-class Christian political leaders for transformative change and good governance. 

It had the objective of training and raising Christian political trainers in the state.

He  expressed concern that  Nigerians seem to have abandoned the political affairs of the country to moneybags and  gladiators. 

He  advised more Christians to participate in politics, saying that it is not evil, neither is governance dirty.

 According to him, “good people should be involved in politics, not just Christians, but also others from different faiths. Tragically, good Nigerians are not present where decisions that affect them are made. 

“We have abandoned politics to political gladiators and moneybags, and it shouldn’t be this way. This is a call for grassroots involvement in Nigerian politics so that we can present credible candidates for the public to vote for. That is the whole ideology.”

The national director advised the church to wake up, saying, “there must be light to dispel darkness. The whole body of Christ should wake up and be involved in matters that affect the destiny of this nation.”

Emmanuel stated that the DPG is a project by the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, which believed that Christians should be included in country’s political equation. 

“Christians, should be involved in selecting and electing who will govern us in this country. It is long overdue. Christians should be encouraged that politics is not evil and governance is not dirty. We are Nigerians, and we should get involved in how Nigeria is run and ruled,” he said. 

In his remarks, Pastor Adekunle Abdul, Senior Special Advisor to the State Chairman, said the training was necessary. 

“It’s not just enough to talk about it. The Bible says that leaders must prepare people for the work of ministry. Politics and governance are ministries that God has given to some people, and they need to be prepared for it. Adequate preparation is essential.

“There have been people who have gone into government and excelled without soiling their reputation. 

“However, some others, due to inadequate training, have not fared as well. This training is vital to strengthen and build them up so that they can achieve excellent results.”

The guest speaker, Mr. Kehinde Shogunle, said, “where can we find people with the right orientation and mindset to do what the country needs? Only in the churches. The churches have proven over the past 20 to 30 years that they are capable of this. Look at how Pentecostal churches have grown significantly in a very short time.”

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