Documentary Film Unveils the Power of  ‘Inner Drive’

Iyke Bede

 Showcasing its impressive journey of innovation and growth, inDrive, a ride-hailing app, recently held a private screening of its in-house documentary film titled ‘Inner Drive’ at Radisson Blu Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The film chronicles inDrive’s transformative trajectory from its modest beginnings in the cold winter of Yakutsk, a city in Russia, to growing organically through word of mouth to become a tech unicorn with a global presence.

With a keen focus on the company’s ethos and impact, ‘Inner Drive’ unveils layers to inDrive’s core values that have become intertwined with the lives of its employees, particularly its dedicated drivers. Through a series of never-before-seen footage and candid stories from the individuals at inDrive’s roots, including founder and CEO Arsen Tomsky, the documentary explored how the power of monopoly leading to price hikes in ride fares exploited by other similar apps culminated in loss to the consumers, as well as an unbalanced work-life for the drivers.

“The title of the documentary is fit for our purpose, which gives rise to our name. We are not just a mobility company; we are a people-driven company,” Senior Business Development Representative, inDrive, Oladimeji Timothy noted. “Everything that we do is about driving people, helping them pursue their dreams and purpose, and those are the kind of things that this documentary touches upon.”

Far from being a run-of-the-mill corporate film, this narrative delves deep into the butterfly effect of positive impact, illustrating how inDrive’s initiatives have rippled through communities, creating waves of change that extend far beyond their initial touchpoints. The film spotlighted the narratives of Lizeth, a mother of two residing in Mexico, and Itam from Indonesia, both of whom now heavily depend on inDrive for their livelihoods.

Presently, the company has expanded to become the world’s second most downloaded ride-hailing app, operating in over 700 cities across 46 countries, driven by deeply ingrained ideals and ambitions reflected in its commitment to prioritising both users and drivers.

Among the heartwarming tales shared, the film follows the journey of Obadiah Iko, a Nigerian boy once enveloped in the despair of his surroundings. inDrive’s BeginIT initiative is now paving the way for a brighter future for him and many others by equipping them with basic tech skills.

Reflecting on the film and its message, inDrive Founder and CEO Arsen Tomsky said: “We should focus on the path, on the journey. And if you do something important for you, that is very meaningful for you, and you develop an external environment during that journey, you are getting more and more with each step. And that is something which nobody can take from you. Even if you don’t reach a peak, you will have something available to you.”

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