Adron Boss, Adetola Emmanuel-King, Celebrates New Age

If you describe the real estate magnate, Aare Adetola Emmanuel-King as a social entrepreneur extraordinaire, you will definitely not be faulted.

As the Chairman and CEO of Adron Homes and Properties, his ingenuity and innovations have set him far apart from his contemporaries. He has brought some finesse to the business of estate acquisition. And when it comes to affordable real estate in Nigeria, he has set a precedent that would take others in the sector several years to meet.

The real estate merchant has taken his job as a mission and an act of philanthropy to impact the lives of millions of people by building new cities where they can get affordable homes. This, he has been doing for over a decade now.

Emmanuel-King believes that his achievements thus far are divinely ordained and he remains eternally grateful to his creator. He is convinced that his best is yet to come. Recently, when he celebrated his new age, he rededicated himself to taking that mission to a new height.

On Tuesday 2 April, while hosting a birthday thanksgiving session at his Ilisan, Ogun State Country home, with family members, friends, associates and staff converging to thank God on his behalf, Emmanuel-King expressed his commitment to expand his conglomerate and to use his God-given wealth to uplift the downtrodden.

The tycoon feels his birthday is mainly geared towards giving. In the spirit of Ramadan and Easter celebration, Emmanuel-King who shunned loud revelry, reached out to many less-privileged with edible items to celebrate his big day.

Before his birthday, Emmanuel-King pleaded with most of his well-to-do friends to honour him by donating to orphanages and schools for children with special needs among others who may be feeling the current economic hardship.

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