First Features ‘Kill Boro’ Grips Audiences 

First Features ‘Kill Boro’ Grips Audiences 

Iyke Bede

Following the successful release of feature films, ‘Cake’, and ‘Love and Life,’ the First Features Project ups the ante with the recently held private screening of the thriller ‘Kill Boro.’  Marked by elegance and sheer excitement, the event staged at Ebony Life Place, Lagos welcomed guests with a promise of keeping them on the edge of their seats through the harrowing story of Elijah (Kosisochukwu Ogboruche), a young boy burdened by Boro (Philip Asaya), his relentlessly brutal father.

Directed by Courage Obayuwana, a protégé of the First Features Project, ‘Kill Boro’ explores the complexities of family, survival, the consequences of choices, and the enduring possibility of redemption.

“My role as Boma explored the life of a mother torn between love, family conflict, domestic abuse, and sacrifice. These are common vices families face every day, and the film showcases the impacts these conflicts have on the home and child behaviour, as illustrated by Elijah,” shared Ini Dima-Okojie on her perspective working on the project.

With a lineup of talented Nollywood actors like Greg Ojefua, Hilda Dokubo, Beloved Osagie, and Yibo Koko, the film left an impression on guests, especially how it showcased the acting chops of child actor Ogboruche.

“Playing the role of Elijah challenged me to push my limits as an actor,” said Ogboruche “Elijah is the rugged street boy, brilliant and strong-willed, driven by love, anger, and desperation for a better life. This role was emotional for me. I was captivated by the character because he was trying to protect his mother from his abusive father, leading him to make hard choices with dire consequences.”

Observing the impact of the First Features Project in properly projecting younger, aspiring actors to the wider audience, Dotun Olakunri and Steve Gukas, both mentors on the project, called for wider industry involvement in the career development of young creatives. ‘Kill Boro’ is the fourth release from a slate of 12 films directed by First Features Project protégés.

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