JA Nigeria Prepares Students for Success

JA Nigeria Prepares Students for Success

Mary Nnah

Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) has embarked on the implementation of the 2024 flagship programme, JA Company Programme, aimed at instilling entrepreneurial skills in senior secondary school students across 12 states in Nigeria. 

This year-long initiative will empower young minds to kickstart and manage their businesses effectively.

The JA Company Programme goes beyond traditional classroom teachings, providing students with practical insights into a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship. 

Participants collaborate to establish a company, elect officers, and navigate the exciting and daunting experience of running a business under the supervision of dedicated volunteers. 

Throughout the programme, students engage in entrepreneurial activities, including market research, business development, capital fundraising through stock sales, production, marketing/sales, financial record-keeping, dividend distribution, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

This hands-on approach ensures that students experience the practical challenges and triumphs of real-world business operations.

At the end of the programme, successful participants who submit annual reports to JA Nigeria become eligible for regional competitions. The best student companies from each region then vie for the National Company of the Year (NCOY) title in Lagos. 

The winning school from the 2024 NCOY competition will represent Nigeria at the 2024 Africa Company of the Year (ACOY) competition in Mauritius.

Acting Director of Junior Achievement Nigeria, Olaolu Akogun,  conveying his excitement about the JA Company Programme said, ,”The JA Company Program offers students a transformative experience, providing them with practical skills and the right mindset to excel in the business realm. With “Greenovation,” as this year’s theme, we anticipate the innovative ideas that hundreds of student-companies across the Nigeria will present to address challenges within their communities, and ultimately yielding profits. We extend our gratitude to our sponsors, the Project Management Institute and Boeing, for their steadfast support in bringing this initiative to reality.”

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