Dyque Cube to Power Nigeria’s Shift to Vision 30:30:30

Dyque Cube to Power Nigeria’s Shift to Vision 30:30:30

In line with the National Renewable Energy Efficiency Policy (NREEP), Dyque is set to fulfil NREEP goals through the groundbreaking Dyque Cube, designed to contribute to reaching 30GW of energy production from renewable sources by 2030.

Founder/CEO, Dyque, Andy Yan while addressing the press said, “Our mission at Dyque is simple.  It is to accelerate the access of Nigerian homes and small businesses to inexpensive and sustainable power.   No more.  No less.  

“It is why we are particularly proud of our first-of-its-kind E-Turbo energy optimization battery technology which runs on the efficiency of the best battery regardless of battery status or health, 5 layers of battery protection, cutting-edge V2X bi-directional charging capabilities, with 280ah capacity, long cycle life battery cell, with 15 minutes installation time and 0ms switch over time.”

He added, “Our dedicated solution team will also provide 360 support for all customers to ensure optimal service delivery. With these features, Dyque Cube promises to add comfort and quality to life in the Nigerian home and small business.”

Lauded for its sleek design and ingenious 5-in-1 AI-powered energy solutions system by representatives from across the renewable energy and technology industries, the energy outfit has recently won notable green and technology awards including the Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award (Germany), and the International Design Excellence Awards (USA). 

With the Nigerian launch, Dyque has reaffirmed its commitment to providing quality and innovative power solutions for both residential and commercial users across Africa while contributing its quota to Vision 30:30:30.

Dyque Cube is an AI-powered hybrid inverter system designed to efficiently manage and optimise energy usage in residential and commercial settings at reduced cost and reduced carbon footprint.

The model is compatible with diverse charging systems, including solar, ESS & EV charging, off-grid systems, etc.; offering users a simple, efficient, stackable and customisable energy solution to power homes and small businesses.

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