27 Abuja Film Village Workers Urge Wike to Overturn Retrenchment

27 Abuja Film Village Workers Urge Wike to Overturn Retrenchment

Olawale Ajimotokan in Abuja

Aggrieved workers of Abuja Film Village (AFVI)  numbering 27 have appealed to FCT Minister Nyesom Wike to intervene and quash the termination of their employment on September 30, 2022 by the then Managing Director of the agency Mrs. Francisca Ibezim.

The spokesman of the workers, Habila Isa Kayit, who addressed the press yesterday appealed to the minister to order their immediate reinstatement and facilitate full payment of their salaries and arrears over the time of the unlawful disengagement as the prevailing economic hardship has made it very difficult for employed people to meet family needs.

They also called for the immediate investigation of the N400 million allocated in the 2023 budget for the AFVI by the National Assembly.

They urged government to ensure that the film village concepts were sustained for the good of country and the economy saying the film village project is an economic spinner, a job creation magnet, an employment driver, and a sure plug revenue generator.                          

“We were employed on a full-time basis as staff of Abuja Film Village International with the directive letterhead of the Honourable Minister FCT and some of us have been under the employment of the agency for over 15 years and had performed our duties diligently.

“Also, deductions and remittances in the form of taxes, health insurance, and housing scheme among others were collected from source since inception till the day we received the unlawful termination letters,” Kayit said.

The Abuja film Village International (AFVI) is a subsidiary of Abuja Investment Company Ltd (AICL), an agency of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA).

The aggrieved workers said that since its inception in 2008, the Abuja Film Village staff salaries, allowances and operating cost had been paid from a one line grant allocation under the FCT Minister’s vote which is captured yearly in the budget and appropriated by the National Assembly.

Kayit noted that since 2007, AFVI has been unable to achieve its set objective as expected.

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