Over 6000 Nigerian Youths to Benefit from FinGreen Programme

Emma Okonji

The FinGreen empowerment programme, an initiative of QNET, a global lifestyle and wellness direct-selling company, is projected to train over 6000 Nigerian youths on financial education at the end of the second phase training programme.

The company revealed this during the commencement of the second phase of the training programme in Lagos.

QNET Regional Director, sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Biram Fall said: “We have enabled at least 600 individuals to make informed financial decisions through comprehensive financial education, and this is just the beginning. The second phase training is targeted at empowering over 6000 Nigerian youths as FinGreen continues to empower youth, women, and entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities across Nigeria.

“The second phase of the FinGreen empowerment programme aims to build on prior successes and increase our commitment to financial empowerment and 25 young people will be  trained as financial literacy youth alumni, who will in turn, train more in their areas or networks.

“These people’s empowerment will transmit financial literacy and information to others. Financial inclusion and literacy are part of our CSR and corporate values, not merely dreams. As micro-entrepreneur developers, we know education and inclusivity are crucial to a better future.”

He noted that Nigeria has a high financial exclusion rate compared to other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

According to him, “Financial literary is essential for financial inclusion, and QNET recognises this. FinGreen fills gaps by teaching members about saving, investing, money management, banking, risk management, and insurance.”

CEO of Transblue Nigeria Limited, Mr. Abiodun Akeem Ajisafe, said: “There is a growing demand for job creation among young people Nigeria to drive economic growth. A sizable proportion of the Nigerian population faces financial challenges and they have few options for revenue generation, and there has recently been a surge in financial scams that emerged post-COVID, resulting in the loss of hard-earned money for many young people in Nigeria.

“By offering Nigerians chances for economic empowerment through entrepreneurial education, financial literacy, skill development, and company management training, we are committed to resolving these concerns through our partnership.”

FinGreen’s pilot phase was launched and began in Nigeria from June to

September of last year, and it was a huge success. Our trainer facilitators, who were pioneer trainees in the pilot phase, educated over 500 youths in 

Lagos, Ogun, Osun, and Oyo states on financial literacy,” Ajisafe said.

One of the trainers, the Executive Director, Financial Literacy For All, Mr. Laja Showmiran, explains that financial literacy is about making informed decisions about one finances.

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