Hold Gov’t Accountable in 2024, Akpoti-Uduaghan Tasks Nigerian Youths

Sunday Aborisade in Abuja

The senator representing Kogi Central Senatorial District, Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, has challenged the Nigerian youths to hold government accountable in the new year.

Akpoti-Uduaghan stated this in a New Year message made available to journalists in Abuja on Sunday.

She said: “Nigerian youths, let 2024 be a year you take charge of your government. 

“Question the numerous Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and contracts entered by foreign investors and the Federal/State governments. 

“That’s how unqualified Shell companies are uncovered and we can avoid another SolGas, GINL Ajaokuta Steel & Delta Steel mishap. 

“Critique our bilateral agreements and treaties. Some are meaningless, obsolete and sovereign traps. Help Nigeria escape from neocolonialism. 

“Demand monthly question-and-answer sessions with your president. Share your developmental ideas and public opinions. 

“He is your president till 2027. So you might as well begin to make the best use of him for you.”

Akpoti-Uduaghan also challenged the youths to hold the politicians accountable.

She said: “Remember Nigeria is ours to fix. Remember the dead of yesterday could be us tomorrow. 

“Remember politicians’ promises are only as real as you make them by demanding accountability and recalling the ‘unperforming amongst us. 

“In 2024, intentionally critique the budget, follow the money, monitor the contracts. 

“Know that every single kobo borrowed to fund the budget is a debt on all of us including the unborn children. So treat governance seriously. 

“Your democratic rights don’t end at the polls. It starts there. Be involved, we shall work with you.”

The senator lamented the carnage in Kaduna, the massacre in Plateau State and all forms of insecurity in many parts of the country.

She said all hands must be on deck to bring them to an end.

According to her, “So as we thank God for making us see this New Year, let the lives of those who died not be in vain. 

“As we give thanks for the health of our children, remember the children in the kidnappers’ dens. 

“While we thank God for the new houses we moved into or built, remember those rendered homeless by the flood and insurgencies. 

“Be concerned and emphatic about the situations in other states and regions because as we are all bound in poverty and insurgencies, we shall also be bound in the successes of our innovators and industrialists. 

“Indeed, 2023 was quite a remarkable year but we can’t help but think about the suffering lot and those who died only to assume that God loves them less. 

“Two recent unfortunate incidents come to mind, the Tudun Biri Kaduna drone strike of the 3rd December 2023 where 88 innocent people were killed by an erroneous military air attack shouldn’t have happened at all. 

“Then the Black Christmas for residents of Bokkos and Barkin communities in Plateau where over 150 people were killed by terrorists. The image of the crying baby strapped on her dead mother’s back still haunts.

“Today, millions of Nigerians live in the despair of poverty and joblessness amidst the high cost of living. 

“Quality basic education is a luxury and our women are still held hostage for want of settling maternity bills in poorly fit healthcare facilities.”

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