Somefun: A Woman with Quiet Moves, Loud Impacts


Some people show that they have a bright and brilliant destiny from childhood. Others only display this desirable splendour when they are adults. Oluwatomi Somefun, the lady who is doing wonderful things at Unity Bank is one of the former. She is the kind that reminds us all of that old Peak Milk television commercial about Papillo and how he would make us proud. Even though her relatives will say that they always knew there was something extra about her ordinary life, her time at Unity Bank is becoming more and more of an eye-opener regarding what one person can accomplish in a short time.

When Somefun took over the leadership of Unity Bank from Henry Semenitari in 2015, quite a number of people had a lot to say. Before that time, she was the bank’s Executive Director in charge of the Lagos and South-west Business Directorates, the Financial Institution Division and the Treasury Department of the bank. As a result, only those privileged areas got to observe her genius. But since taking over the entire Unity Bank as CEO, every customer and onlooker from within and outside the banking and finance sector has come to know the Unity Bank CEO who makes quiet moves and loud impacts.

Somefun’s brilliance saved Unity Bank in 2016 and 2017 from the blackness of loans and other burdens. Since that time, she has drawn universal acclaim to the bank, with prestigious awards decorating her office and home, and marking her out to be one of the most intelligent, visionary, flexible, and revolutionary CEOs among Nigeria’s top corporate echelons.

With Somefun, it is not only a question of when and what, but also how. Her methods are both enlightening as they are simple, radical and soft. As a result, while it does not seem as if she is labouring to save her life, the results speak for her. No wonder Unity Bank is on the lips of every informed Nigerian.

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