Risk Management, Effective Leadership in Turbulent Times

Hamid Ayodeji

Let’s face it! The world had never encountered a more disruptive time than the last year when COVID-19 swept the globe and almost grounded everything to a standstill. Since its emergence, individuals and businesses have been struggling to survive.

However, while concentrating much on reducing the pandemic’s impact, many have forgotten that there have always been other risks that need attention, too, even during these crises. To succeed in these dynamic, digital and turbulent time, there is an urgent need for strategic leaders who can align culture, risk and strategy for success.

Truth be told, every organisation faces risks, including internal ones that often arise from its daily operations/activities. For instance, some risks may arise from inappropriate, unethical, or illegal actions of the employees and even the management.

These are common, but thankfully, they are preventable. Some other risks also come from external sources, and there is little that the management can do to prevent them. They include political and natural disasters. But that’s not all.

Don’t forget there are social, economic landmines too to navigate, one of which triggered #EndSARs. Cyber threats are still very much around, and the risk from it is growing as we adopt technology more to scale in a period of physical distancing. They did not vanish when COVID 19 struck. Being a leader at such a time requires additional knowledge and skills on how to provide effective leadership.

At the forthcoming TEXEM, UK’s, “Risk Management and Effective Leadership for Superlative Performance During Turbulent Times,” programme, participants will have a chance to learn how to manage risks that their organisation faces during these times.

Indeed, with practical leadership skills, it is possible to strike a balance and even thrive despite the many challenges your organisations and others face.

Yes, resources might not be enough, but with whatever you have, it is possible to get ahead if you can efficiently allocate those scarce organisational resources.

“However, note that the bar for efficiency has been raised very high in these disruptive times that only cultured minds who can integrate risk management and strategy can thrive in this volatile era. So, learn with TEXEM and hear from a team of highly experienced leadership pros!

“You do not have to worry about your safety during attendance since, in compliance with health safety guidelines during this time of a severe pandemic, TEXEM, UK’s programme, will feature entirely a series of live virtual and engaging sessions.

“A lot will be covered, but the major aim is to sensitise you as a leader to prepare for and face unexpected threats that pose a significant risk to your organisation and manage them efficiently and effectively for success. More precisely, the 2-day programme seeks to address the various aspects of risk management,” organisers of the programme stated.

They noted that a leader, you need to identify risks that are preventable and which ones are unforeseen if you want to manage them truly.

However, identifying them alone is not sufficient, but the ability to provide effective leadership separates organisations that thrive from those that merely survive, they noted.

Key topics that the programme will cover include: Managing risks in times of crises; preventing and managing reputational & brand risks for organisational leaders; integrating risk with strategy; managing the people side of risk; managing ESG risks during turbulent times; balancing risk management and innovation; managing cyber-security Risks: insights for managers; among others.

It noted that leveraging TEXEM’s tested, proven and impactful; a methodology that has enhanced 4,000 executives’ leadership quotient in 11 years, the programme would be delivered by: Dr. Graham Wilson of the University of Oxford; Mike Wilkins, MD, S&P Global Ratings; Dr. Peter Collecott, Chair of Ambassador Partnerships; Amb. Richard Gozney, The Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man, and Prof. Andrew Chambers, World’s first Professor of Internal Audit.

“As it has always done, TEXEM will use a unique methodology to offer you the training in a way that makes it enjoyable and effective. If you have attended one, you will attest that all its past programmes have been active and interactive sessions.

“So, as you prepare to participate in the forthcoming programme, expect peer-to-peer learning, group/individual virtual activities, games and times for self-reflection. Indeed, this is a leadership programme you do not want to miss. For your information, each time there is a programme, previous participants are always the first ones to sign up. You are welcome to attend too, even if it is your first time.

“As a leader, these strange times have taught us the need to make time for serious introspection. We are in a historical time that is likely to change the organisational management style forever. TEXEM’s forthcoming programme will help you to come up with the right ideas and reflection.

“Undoubtedly, it is easy to give up on dreams and think that it is impossible. However, here is a potential lifeline; attending this TEXEM forthcoming leadership programme that seeks to explore all these threats might be all you need to awaken the giant/leader/manager in you. Yes, it seems impossible until you begin,” added.

According to the organisers, during the executive development programme, participants would realise what is happening to their organisation is happening to all others, including their rivals.

“Still, you turn into an opportunity and win depending on how people react to the situation. We are in an era where change is inevitable. Using the same methods expecting to sail through turbulent times won’t work. As a leader, you need to change your focus.

“More precisely, you need to re-establish your norms, revisit your shared purpose, reassess your organisational resources and most importantly, understand that your team now faces emerging constraints that need new ideas to fix,” they added.

“Most successful leaders are usually active networkers. By participating in leadership programmes, you’ll be adding to your skillset while building valuable networks. So, seize the forthcoming golden opportunity and become an effective leader since TEXEM’s world-renowned leadership thought leaders are willing to help you challenge your assumptions and thrive.

“Every leader is welcome to attend the programme. Whether you are a CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resource Manager, General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Publicity Officer, Chief Technical Officer and, indeed, everyone else who occupies a leadership position, this is an opportunity to learn requisite actionable insights to win.

“You can choose to register as an individual or as a group from your organisation. The date of the programme is March 10th to 11th, 2021,” they added.

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