UK Consultancy Firm Guides Nigerian Leaders on Winning Amid Uncertainties, Crises

Caroline Lucas

Amidst skyrocketing costs and high currency risks, senior leaders require tailored winning strategies to navigate uncertainty effectively and successfully.
The United Kingdom-based leadership development organisation TEXEM UK is set to empower individuals and Nigerian organisations to thrive in these volatile times.

As we all know, optimised strategic leadership core competence is a veritable source of valuable resources that is difficult to imitate. Also, with a massive staff exodus and geopolitical disruptions, senior leaders must possess exceptional crisis management skills to position their organisations for success.
Towards this end, the organisation is bringing Prof. John Peters, former chairman of the Association of MBAs in the UK, to Lagos on April 24 for a programme tagged ‘Strategies For Sustainable Organisational Success’. This programme will equip participants with the leadership capabilities to lead through crises and ensure organisational excellence despite adversity.

‘Innovation for Profitable Growth’ is also another resource that is very valuable and imperative in turbulent waters. This programme fosters a culture of innovation and provides practical guidance on harnessing adversity as a catalyst for profitable growth. Participants will learn to turn challenges into opportunities, driving sustained profitability for their organisations. In a volatile business landscape, resilience and effective risk management are crucial. Through interactive sessions and case studies, this programme would help senior leaders develop unshakable leadership qualities, enabling them to navigate uncertainty and mitigate risks effectively and confidently.

In a recent interview, TEXEM’s Director of Special Projects, Caroline Lucas, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the programme is tailored for senior executives and organisations to optimise individual, team and organisational performance.
“Participants will learn practical skills and actionable insights from the eminent TEXEM faculty and gain valuable insights from their professional exchange with critical partners and colleagues. This programme aims to help develop leadership strategies to drive optimum performance for success in an era of uncertainty.
“Its focus is to help the participants develop a clearer understanding of how to manage and deploy the available resources more efficiently for optimal impact in volatile times,” Lucas said.

She said TEXEM’s tested and proven methodology, comprising case studies, will be deployed during the programme. Lucas said this would encourage participants to enhance their cognitive skills, improve their analytical rigour and evaluation skills, and assist them in better managing ambiguity.
Speaking on impact, she said at the end of the programme, participants will be able to develop leadership skills that will assist them in making better decisions.
Lucas added that they would possess survival skills that would enable them to pull out their organisations during emergencies.
“Among the benefits participants will take away from this impactful programme is that for individuals, it will unlock your potential in adversity, lead through transformation, and achieve profitable growth.

“As for organisations, it will turn their challenges into opportunities, foster innovation, and drive sustained profitability. The programme is strategic because adversity is the mother of innovation. The programme empowers individuals and organisations to thrive in volatile times, fostering innovation and sustained profitability,” the TEXEM director said.
Lucas said TEXEM has collaborated with leaders and organizations in Nigeria and other African countries to produce the best leaders in governance and business.

“Through our services, we have collaborated with hundreds of organisations in the UK and Africa and helped them achieve their goals efficiently and effectively to overcome adversity and achieve prosperity,” she added.

This impactful programme will help unlock potential in adversity, empower them to lead through transformation and equip them with the ability to develop strategies to achieve profitable growth for individuals and their organisations by enabling participants in, firstly, optimising resource utilisation: With the cost of resources soaring, it’s essential for organizations to optimise their resource utilization. This programme offers insights on managing and deploying available resources more efficiently, ensuring optimal impact even amidst cost pressures.

Secondly, strategic decision-making: Decisive problem-solving is paramount in today’s environment. Through peer-to-peer learning and observation practice, this programme enhances participants’ decision-making capabilities, empowering them to make better decisions that drive organisational success.
Lastly, networking and professional exchange: Beyond the curriculum, participants will have the opportunity for professional exchange with critical partners and colleagues. Networking with industry peers enhances learning and provides valuable insights into different approaches to overcoming challenges, enriching the overall learning experience.
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