Nigeria ‘Cited Most Dangerous Place for Christians in the World’, Says US Congress

  • Impunity of those responsible for killings seems widespread…

By Yemi Adebowale

The United States House of Representatives says Nigeria has been cited as the most dangerous place for Christians in the world and that impunity for those responsible for the killing of Christians in the country “seems to be widespread.”

The Chairman of its Sub-committee on Africa, Global Health, Human Rights and International Organisation, Christopher Smith, stated this in a letter inviting former President Goodluck Jonathan to make a presentation to the Sub-Committee on the challenges faced by Christians in Nigeria and the Niger Delta issue.

Although, the event held on the 1st and 2nd February, the actual content of the letter is only just revealed with its labelling of Nigeria as the most dangerous country to be a Christian.

Smith, in the letter made exclusively available to THISDAY, said: “My subcommittee has broadly investigated the crises facing Christians in Nigeria today. My staff director, Greg Simpkins and I have made several visits to Nigeria, speaking with Christians and Muslim religious leaders across the country and visiting fire-bombed churches, such as in Jos. Unfortunately, Nigeria has been cited as the most dangerous place for Christians in the world and impunity for those responsible for the killing of Christians seem to be widespread.

“In fulfillment of your foundation’s mandate to promote democracy, peace and transformational change, I invite you to come to the United States next week to share your views on this matter, including the alleged Islamisation of government under the current administration and the actions your foundation is prepared to take in pursuit of religious freedom.”

The sub-committee also congratulated the Nigerian former President on the establishment of the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation, adding, “Your timely concession after your electoral loss in 2015, demonstrates a commitment to democracy and the stability of your nation, which was acknowledged by current President Muhammadu Buhari.”

Jonathan, who was invited by the sub-committee in his capacity as Chairman of the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation, first addressed the sub-committee on Wednesday, and was invited to a closed-door session on Thursday, during which he said that the implementation of the resolutions of the 2014 National Conference was the panacea for ethnic and religious tensions in Nigeria.

The former President also identified impunity as a factor contributing to the recurrence of violence, such as the one in Southern Kaduna, noting that if those behind previous crises were not prosecuted, “then like-minded individuals and groups would be emboldened to repeat the same acts.”

Jonathan also talked about his efforts to end impunity, specifically citing the case of Kabiru Sokoto, the mastermind of the Christmas Day bombing of Saint Theresa’s Catholic Church in Madalla, Niger State, who was arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned by his administration and was the first successful prosecution of a terrorist attack on a place of worship in Nigeria’s history.

He said: “That promise was fulfilled on the 20th of December 2013 when

Kabiru Umar, aka Kabiru Sokoto, was sentenced to life imprisonment after my administration investigated that crime, identified him as the mastermind, arrested him, and diligently prosecuted him and some of his associates.”

The former president also noted that his administration’s prosecution of the perpetrators of the deadly bombing of an office of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) also in Madalla on April 8, 2011 was the first successful prosecution of terrorists in Nigeria.

While supporting the National Conference’s recommendation for an independent Religious Equity Commission to be set up to apprehend and arrest perpetrators of ethnic and religious violence, Jonathan maintained that ending impunity would also ease tensions.

On the Niger Delta, the former president said he fully aligned with the views of the 2014 National Conference, which called for true and fiscal federalism as the way out of agitations in the region and in other parts of Nigeria.

The meetings were attended by Smith and other influential staff of the sub-committee. Others were Congressman Tony Hall, Ambassador Frank Wolf, Gregory Simpkins and Elijah Brown, who is Vice President of 21 Century Wilberforce Initiative and other stakeholders in Washington.

Former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi and Reno Omokri, a former media aide to Jonathan were also at the briefings.

  • augustine

    😸 LOL….Clowns at work
    😸😸 Trumps list of most dangerous 7 muslim nations on earth does not include Nigeria
    😸😸😸 When American supremacists want to ridicule black people without offending the blacks in USA, they pick on Nigeria to insult

  • augustine

    🇺🇸🇺🇸 American stereotyping of Nigeria.

    How safe are Christians in Iran, Yemen, Somalia ❓❔❓

  • BankyMons

    Liars!!!! You know your works, and they are EVIL!!!!!!!

  • AyoJon

    I wonder what the Christians in Iraq, Syria or Egypt will say

  • godwin

    That Nigeria is the most dangerous place for Christians to be in, is very correct. It is not an exaggeration.
    All of this ,came with President Buhari. Before his coming, freedom of worship was relatively good. But with Buhari, it is as if the whole of the country, has been conquered by the Fulanis. The Herdsmen became empowered to do and undo. They go into farmlands owned by Christians and destroy the place with impunity. They are never arrested even with their illegal possession of AK-47 guns.
    All government security agencies are controlled by die-hard moslems. So that ,arrest and prosecution of any Moslem who is seen to be advancing the cause of Islam can be protected. Etc etc,etc.
    So the stage is actually set for full islamisation of Nigeria. So help me God!

  • Unite2013

    If you consider the fact that, Christians in Nigeria live in a country where the government does not care about them, then, this report may be correct. In Iraq, there is no government to protect the yazidis. What happened in Kaduna and Taraba a few years ago that made the former Benue State governor to cry out is symbolic.


    I thank President Jonathan for speaking and bringing up this matter to the US Congress even though when he was president he too played politics with the plight of Christians, but what pains me the most is the christian religious clergy, the men who claim to be spiritual and have spiritual eye but are blinded by senitiments of ethnicity and partisanship to call black color white, just because they have sold themselves for selfish gains and political relevance, it is clear that there is Islamic agenda, it is clear there is biase, bigotory and lob sided political appointments which is against federal character, it is clear the there is indifference to the plight of Christians by Buhari and his APC governments etc but Pastors kept quiet, even when many Pastors were being killed in the north, the Pastors behaved like people with the spirit of fear and cowardness, afraid to speak up against the islamic government for fear of attacks against them or for fear of loosing thier political relevance and gains from this governemnt but it is only when their financial interests are threathened that they began to denounce the government, the chritians religous clergy in NIGERIA is a disgrace, Pastor and VP Osinbajo is a disgrace. Imagine a forefinger and UN workers lamenting how there was little or no solidarity for chrisitians in the north and from Christian’s from the south cus some chrisitian religous clergy are too busy chasing wealth they don’t want anything that will bring them at odds with the government, COWARDS, the Apostles, Jesus, the prophets of the bible etc were not like that, they did not compromise on issues of the faith for personal gain. They did not Pastor and pamper corrupt businessmen, civil servants and politicians, and enjoyed droppings from their largese and stolen booty.

  • Jon West

    Nigeria is the worst place on earth for a christian to live in? Really? That is an exaggeration and typically American, grandmasters of verbal overkill.

    Nigeria is a cesspit of impunity and that is why it appears that it is the worst place for christians. Actually, the impunity, combined with the sheer imbecility and incompetence of the leadership and followership is the real reason why Nigeria is the worst place for anyone, christian or moslem to live in. This is also why the moslems, who all over the world are currently behaving like animals, are having a field day in Nigeria- the epitome of a human zoo and the presentation of a jungle environment.

    I am upset when Americans dabble in our business, since they and the British, played a great role in the imposition of this Governmnet of Certificateless fools and Neanderthal players on the hapless population of Nigeria. This is the white man at his very worst. They colluded with Islamic fundamentalists and local comprador players to effect regime change in favour of Islamic fundamentalism, in order to, in their short-sightedness, prevent the break-up of Nigeria, as per their predictions, and its unintended consequences. What they have achieved, is an assurance of Nigeria’s instability and final demise, like the unfortunate states of the Middle East, where their interference has virtually assured the terminal disintegration of the peace of those now blighted places.
    Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, please use your foundation to better effect in Nigeria and Africa, and leave the hypocritical bleeding hearts of Europe and America, who sold your very progressive regime to Islamic fundamentalism for a mess of porridge, to stew in thier own cauldron.

    History will vindicate the just, as posited by your namesake, the great and indefatigable foremost African intellectual, Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe.

    • Diaspora Nigerians

      You have a point Jon West, based on your statement:

      “Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, please use your foundation to better effect in Nigeria and Africa, and leave the hypocritical bleeding hearts of Europe and America, who sold your very progressive regime to Islamic fundamentalism for a mess of porridge, to stew in thier own cauldron”

      However, you forgot a current primary factor. There is a new Sheriff in town, Donald J. Trump. To ascribe that he sees things differently is a gross under statement.


      It was our own black brother in the whitehouse Obama that imposed the current directionless government on Nigerians through his campaign director . Bros the white man had nothing to do with it. Remember Obama praised him for a good work done (the so called certificateless one) after Obama had invited him with his apc entourage to the USA after the inauguration as president of Nigeria. Bros leave the whiteman out of the situation Nigeria is in right now. Other countries were worse of with the west but are today emancipated in Asia and the Americas. Even some african countries have taken their destiny in their own hands. Nigeria hasn’t. We still look to asia middleeast Russia or America. Can nigeria boast of producing a bullet or gun or cutlass from scratch to finish. But we keep killing each other with these imported items and more. I agree with you on the other points but na our own brother impose this one on us

    • Don Franco

      Dear Jon,
      The kinds of sentiment you have expressed on this matter is political capital and outright ammunition for the various nationalities that need out of Nigeria, if they are wise enough to read between the lines; for if no less a fact-finding committee than of the United States Congress has come to the incontrovertible conclusion that Nigeria is the most dangerous country for Christians on a global level, the lobby of the UN General Assembly is next .
      PMB and his co-religionists should temper their religious zeal with wisdom; as civil disintegration have been ignited by smaller conflicts than what’s presently happening in our country.

      • augustine

        😀Trump banned visas for the 7 most dangerous muslim countries…Nigeria is not on his hot list, so Trump is a fool on this topic? 😀😀

        I can bet you Trump has better global security information through CIA than those USA house of reps committee bench warmer clowns 😀😀😀

    • augustine

      ➡➡ According to USA democrats, Nigeria is the worst place for homosexuals/lesbians
      ➡➡➡ According to USA republicans, Nigeria is the worst place for christians to live
      ➡➡➡➡ Fact is, America labels Nigeria as worst in everything anytime they want to make fun of Africa

    • Abanj

      Were you upset when America added pressure on Abacha, were yiou upset when America got involved in eradicating Ebola, Were you upset when America first lady higlighted the plight of chibok girls, were ou upset when Gov Jonathan did nothing for days after the kidnap or when Patience Jonathan SUMMONED grieving mothers to Abuja , accuse them of lying and the famous – Na only you waka come? I beg carry go joo, if you want to be upset be upset!

  • Curtx Maccido

    What a lousy remark….why do we have so many americans talking arrogantly and sometimes sound DUMB!

  • Artful ºDodger

    I am a Christian but will not be cowed into believing every nonsense propaganda being sponsored by the same people who are bankrolling the violence in Nigeria because a different party is now in power, the president is of a different religion and federal purse has been taken from their grasp.
    Fulanis did not start grazing their cattle across Nigeria today just like they also did not start carrying arms under the present government. I grew up seeing them in my village with their cattle, they hardly speak to let alone attack anyone. What is happening in Nigeria today is the handiwork of PDP politicians who are using the same resources they stole from the country to sponsor violence to make Buhari and his tribesmen look bad while they have also bought a section of the media over to help them with their propaganda. Buhari is probably the last attempt by God to redeem Nigeria from the claws of the devil and its agents who have ran the country to the ground. A section of people who abhor good, who are tormented by it and will do anything to make sure Nigerians remain in anguish and ignorance. These is what the politicians of the past administrations represent and by this i do not mean everyone of the present is a saint but good none is stealing our money anymore!

    • Jon West

      The Wise One admonished that “You should be careful what your ask, you might just get it”. This what has happened in Nigeria since the disaster of 2015 and what the Social Media Advisor to the Certficateless One has hired people like you to defend as e-rats. The reality of Nigeria flies in the face of your assertions but you will also pay the price. I de laugh them a la Hajia Gambo Sawaba of the era of Mariam Babangida’s Better Life For Rural Women. Let the hypocrisy continue and the land be blighted. Sai Baba !!

    • Barrister Ogunade

      So Mr Dodger, If people set you up by instigating your relatives to commit heinous crimes against other groups and people with other ideologies, you wouldn’t admonish them and bring them to order? So condemning them would be too much for you? You’ve written a long thesis without actually making sense. Sorry my Brother. Has PMB ever mentioned a word about the peaceful Shiite protesters that were slaughtered in large numbers and given mass burial. Sadly, these Shiites don’t have a voice in Nigeria mainstream media.

  • Esther Onime

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  • Daniel Obior

    It is honestly a bit of an exaggeration to claim Nigeria is the most dangerous place for Christians in the world. Things are very bad in certain parts of the country. But not near as bad as to be the worst in the world, when the entire country is considered. Those with this negative sentiments can however not be blamed for their opinion. Past governments, and this government in particular have too often turned a blind eye to the atrocities against Christians. El Rufai consistently stoked the embers of religious hatred in Kaduna by his policies and utterances. The result was the last eruption of violence. Such a man should be prosecuted after his immunity lapses as deterrent to leaders who by what they do or say, encourage violence. Buhari’s inaction to the sustained killings by herdsmen should also be noted for the future.

    • Sharia_Haram

      Buhari and Muslims are killing Christians on a daily bases in Nigeria.

      • Garba sani

        This is a Grand plan designed by CAN to set Nigeria on Fire. We are talking of herdsmen killing Christians and no body wants at ask about the Genesis and when it started. Do you remember cattle rustling and stealing? That is the cause of all these problems and it was sponsored to create problem for this Government. We all know that imminent politicians are forced to cough stolen monies and these politicians are fighting back directly or indirectly to set the Country on fire. Allah will never allow them. I remember last 2 months when somebody was caught in southern kaduna wearing Fulani cloth and was trying to shoot some people , he was caught redhanded and the news was reported in all national dailies . That’s how desperate they are to create problem. A spiritual food for enlightened minds!

        • austin

          Cattle rustling is still carried out by the Fulani. It is hard to see where you are going with this argument.

      • augustine

        👽 Armed robbers kill more christians all over Nigeria. Never mind malaria and typhoid casualties 👽

    • Kickboxer

      Really? And you say “honestly,” mr Yariba slave or Islamist terrorist, who ever you may be? Why not move your smelly ass away from your laptop to take a well-deserved vacation in Southern Kaduna, Chibok, Agatu, Nimbo etc. or consider becoming or residing with a farmer in the Middle Belt, SE, SS, or SW?

      Which country is worst than Nigeria, mr Yariba slave or Islamist terrorist?

      • Daniel Obior

        Abuses and insults from you will not cover your ignorance of issues. If your brain was not tucked in your arse instead of being in your head, you would have realised I did not in my comment imply that Christians were not persecuted. I have only said that taking the country as a whole, Nigeria is not the worst in the world and that is true. In your dumb and stupid condition you may not have heard of Syria and Iraq, for instance. Go check what ISIS has done to Christians in those places. Bloody idiot.

        • Kickboxer

          When was ISIS formed and what did they do to ChristiaNS THAT Have not been done to Christians in Nigeria manyfold? Syria? When did they start to persecute Christians in Syria? ISIS & Syria are in the News because they have “more geopolitical value” to the West. But no reasonable person, more so a Nigerian like you, would compare the persecution of Nigerian ChristiaNs with any other nation.

          Let me ask you, intellectual terrorist, how many Nigerians have been killed by your Islamist friends since 2000? Do you have the numbers? As a Nigerians, if you cared, you would have the numbers.

          Yet you have the temerity to create doubts about the US House of Rep Committee even though they visited the country and conducted investigations.

          Have you ever seen the massacred Nigerians at churches or farmers cut into pieces…..and you talk ISIS & Syria…..may THUNDER DESTROY YOU & DESCENDANTS…… Yariba slave/terrorist…get lost

        • Jursh

          Mr. Daniel I strongly disagree with you. I think Nigeria’s case is worse mainly because of numbers. Mind you in Syria and Iraq you mentioned Christianity is a minority faith. You cannot kill a thousand people when you have only a hundred. Over here in Nigeria the number of Christians even in the north is very large. So the number of killings follow suit. Another major issue is when the Authorities don’t ever see anyone to arrest for innumerable attacks on Christians, so it appears to be not just Government sponsored but Government Perpetuated. In Syria d Assad regime is pro minority groups while ISIS is the one against christians. So I think the rendering that Nigeria is the worst place to be a christian is not far from correct. And just to add you may not just be aware of the systematic persecutions christians go through in the southwest. Cos i guess you feel its only in the North.

          • Daniel Obior

            Number alone does not establish level of risk. The environment is a significant factor. The risk is less in a place where there is a form of governance than in a completely lawless environment like where ISIS operates. As bad as things are in Nigeria, Christians can still move around to a far extent. They cannot in areas where ISIS operate, for instance. We are all agreed things are bad in Nigeria. My point remains that it iis not the worst in the world.

        • Diaspora Nigerians

          Sir, let me apologise for Kickboxer’s diatribe.

          Can I draw your attention to the United Nations report labelling Boko Haram the most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world for 2015, collated by number of killings. Killings attributed to Boko Haram exceeded the runners up (Isis) with over 950 persons.

          Also, Isis is currently accused of killing an estimated 1370 Christians to date, and enslaving more than 300 more.

          The killings reported in Nigeria by herdsmen alone in 2016 makes the number killed by Isis appear like kindergarten equivalents.

          Once again Sir, I believe you belong to a minority who challenge the assertion on the American lawmakers.

          • Daniel Obior

            You are a decent person and argue with logic. First of all, do we in this country know how many Christians are killed? We do not. Secondly, can we compare the ease with which a group like ISIS kills without any challenge or containment to Nigeria? At times, it is not the numbers alone that indicate the risk to a persecuted group. A major factor is also the environment where things happen. A christian cannot be at more risk in a country where there is some governance, albeit rather poor like Nigeria, than for instance Iraq and Syria where ISIS operates so freely. Things are very bad here, but not the worst in the world.

      • Diaspora Nigerians

        Kickboxer, this is a forum to express ideas with civility. Demonstrate your horizon of current affairs just like Don Franco’s reply to Daniel Obior.

        Insults make the recipient to discard your view point. We are all brothers and sisters. Calm down and discuss.

        • Kickboxer

          People like you are exactly the reason Nigeria is impoverished, Mr CIVILTY!! You must be a Yariba slave for the “C” word is on your lips. WHAT “CIVILITY” are you referring to?

          There is no civility in a Nigerian coming out here to dump his unresearched thoughts on this forum. Most likely, only a Yariba slave or terrorist would be clinging to the word “civility” while simultaneously engaging in incivility. Unfortunately your trick wouldn’t work on me.

          This forum is for real human beings that may not be shut up for expressing themselves with indignation regarding insensitive comments being made by terrorists’ sympathizers or people who come here to assault other people’s sensibilities.

          The problem with nitwits like you is that you have no human sensibility. It is crude oil which runs through your veins and not blood. That is the only reason I find to justify why you may want to “express ideas with civility” in discussion with intellectual terrorists.

          For a Nigerian to come out here to argue that ISIS or Syrians killed more Christians than Nigerian Islamists did (Boko Haram, Northern Govts, and current Fed govt) is not only an uncivil statement but also a terrorist statement.

          • Diaspora Nigerians

            I am sorry if my statement was offensive. It was not my intention to make you an enemy.

            Let me add that you were correct when you insinuated that crude oil runs in my veins, because I am indeed from the Niger Delta.

            Kickboxer, please bury the hatchet with the Yorubas. I do not know how they must have offended you, but we cannot achieve great strides without them. Do not visit the sins of the fathers on the children.

            My point was that we can argue without using insults. Residing in Europe for more than a decade has taught me that Africa cannot rise except we come together. Peace.

          • Kickboxer

            So, you are into Internet conflict resolution. I happen to believe that morons should be insulted especially when it is clear that they don’t know that they are morons.

    • Don Franco

      Dear Daniel Obior,
      Nigeria is actually worse than the most dangerous place for Christians in the world if you consider that in no other place in the world has 800 souls been slaughtered in four hours, on a Christmas eve, during a government curfew imposed and managed (by muslim men of the Nigerian army, Police, and Civil Defence forces), but with nobody arrested, not even one
      person. Christmas eve, is when christians gather in their homesteads across the world; the genocide was accurately timed and effectively executed by the Kaduna State Government House and the Villa.
      Secondly, Nigeria is worse than the most dangerous place to be Christian in the world due to the fact that not only is it fashionable to behead christians on trumped-up charges of desecration of the Quran, (which no sane person would do) there’s strong tacit support for not prosecuting and or setting free killers of Christians; the last killers in Kano are no local celebrities!
      Christians who lost their lives to ISIS in Syria and Iraq actually had the arms (which isn’t the case in Nigeria) with which to defend themselves; and it is actual war situations in these two countries. In Nigeria, before PMB was elected president, he said that the war against Boko Haram and President Jonathan’s failure to extended amnesty to them was discrimination against moslems; now this was in their early days while Boko Haram was killing ONLY christians, and burning churches in the Northeast; it took PMB 19 days to issue a statement on the genocide of 800 Southern Kaduna christians, half of the casualties were nursing mothers, with infant children; further, Governor El Rufai before he was elected, has repeatedly endorsed the killing of Christians by his co-religionists by saying the blood of all dead Fulani will be avenged (by the mass killings of Christians) no matter how long it takes.
      Daniel; can you for the foregoing reasons even doubt for a second that in a country of almost 200 million people, with almost state-sanctioned genocide of Christians that Nigeria is anything less than the worst place on God’s green earth to be a Christian? I’m sure you’ll make that concession once the entire River Niger is crimson red with the blood 90 million southern christians, as seems to the agenda of the PMBs and El Rufais of this Niger Area.
      Your contention that Nigeria is less than the most dangerous country for Christians invalidates the blood of every dead victim of Islamic fundamentalism in Nigeria, and I’m afraid that you may have to answer for it on judgment day.

      • Diaspora Nigerians

        Don Franco, I must commend the way you put forward your position in a calm and civil manner.

        Please continue to be a role model of civil discuss, and by the way I agree with your conclusion.

        • Don Franco

          Dear Diaspora Nigerians,
          l thank you for your kind words, we all just try our best to deal with the distemper of this terrible times in the history of Nigerian civilization.

      • Daniel Obior

        Great logical argument. I am completely in agreement than things are bad in Nigeria and said so in my comment. Now you have shown how sheer numbers or rates of killing, may define the extent of killing. That in the first instance indicates the subjectivity of comparison. Is Nigeria the worst by sheer number or by rate? Secondly, we have overlooked the environment which has a profound influence. A christian is less at risk in an area where there is some form of government, than an area where there is lawlessness like where ISIS operates. A Christian has a better chance staying alive in Nigeria than in Iraq or Syria, where ISIS operates. By that simple argument, we cannot claim Nigeria is the most dangerous place for Christians.

    • Artful ºDodger

      If for example Buhari resort to executive powers to mandate every local government to provide cattle ranches and cattle markets in their area for the purpose of rearing cattle knowing what Nigerians are would they not have said he was a tribalist? He did not speak you complain, even when he did, some of you said it was too late. But you forget these people did not start being herdsmen today and they were usually peaceful until somehow some people decided to set Nigerians against the president by sponsoring his ignorant and illiterate tribesmen into violence because Buhari dared asked them to account for the looting of Nigeria. Dude, for some of us, even with tears coming out of your eyes, it is still possible to see.

      • Darlynstar

        So niger delta people ”GEJ tribesmen” are now the fulani herdsmen and boko haram members that kill in thousands….
        The fulani herdsmen and boko haram group are used to promote religious briefs and get political power

      • Jon West

        Does the President of Nigeria have executive powers to compel all Nigerians to support the private business of citizens from his ethnic and religious stock? Maybe you have finally discovered executive orders, which actually are not part of the Nigerian constitution, because you saw Donal Trump signing them for America. He is limited by American law and a legislature that takes it’s oversight functions very seriously, ready to impeach a recalcitrant President and totally immune to Ghana Must Go Bags congressional business model.
        Nigeria is boiling and dying, because people shoot themselves in the foot and cut off their noses in order to spite their faces and other people, in defending their traducers. Let the Great Games and the Blame Games continue, until hunger and hopelessness destroy what is left of the vulnerable, who are unfortunately from the parts of the country that defend their traducers. Sai Baba!! Let the hunger and hopelessness ravage the Lugardian Zoo!!!

        • Lawrenece Ifo


      • okwuchukwu

        So that is all you could offer in terms of solutions to the activities of Fulani Herdsmen? If the North after so many years at the helm cannot proffer a modern method of animal husbandry then there is a problem. We cannot turn the entire nation into a cattle republic because of the failings of one ethnic group

      • William Norris

        Do you believe what you wrote? LOL !!! And you didn’t mention Igbo people, but I guess they’re the ones you claim are sponsoring Buhari’s tribesmen to commit violent crimes. Next time please be more explicit.

        Now, please tell us – how are you feeling in this era of CHANGE !?!

        N500/$ ? I’m sure you get yours at the CBN rate though since you’re a paid blogger for APC.

        Grass Cutters running wild and stealing money meant for refugees in the North East?

        Padded Budget?

        President running abroad for ear ache after budgeting billions for Aso Rock health clinic?

        LOL….your fellow Zombies like Omojuwa, Farooq Kperogi and Feyi Fawehinmi have already apologized for asking Nigerians to vote APC. So should you.

      • Barrister Ogunade

        Your argument defies human logic, ***Some people decided to set Nigerians against the President** Clap for your self. Daft ..Thick daft comment. Sometimes it seems some of you guys make utterances for the sake of talking not because you have something reasonable to talk about.

      • Daniel Obior

        You never make any sense. Thanks.

    • cookie

      You have no damn idea…. Remain clueless wherever you are

      • Daniel Obior

        You cannot make a counter argument but resort to insult.
        Says it all about you. Idiot.

        • Sam

          Don’t mind him .people like him can never understand the international dimensions to what is happening around Nigeria.

    • benedict chindi

      Daniel I usually respect ur opinion but u are very wrong in ur assertion above. I give u an example Godogodo is a town in Kaduna state. Over 25 villages around d town emptied out into d town due to attacks from herdsmen; then Godogodo was attacked, many people killed, and people had to leave d town.

      Please confirm from anyone u know, many predominantly Christian towns and villages in Kaduna are deserted; as in unsafe and empty.

      Also see borno and adamawa states which are a predominantly Christian states (forget what u hear in d press and doctored census figures); Boko haram has emptied out Christian towns and villages. Many are in IDP camps; many more are in abuja doing menial jobs.

      In terms of proportion u may be right, but in terms of sheer numbers, no doubt nigeria is probably d worst place to be a Christian.

      • Don Franco

        Dear Benedict Chindi,
        l thank you for your very factually accurate statement about the realities on ground in Kaduna, Adamawa and Borno.
        Daniel is covering up for the intentional and deliberate religious cleansing of Northern Nigeria. The net effect of these wholesale genocide is that the next generation of christians in the North; in Sourhtern Kaduna is already wiped out.
        Daniel Obior, more power to you, we hail!

        • Daniel Obior

          On the contrary, I am exposing the dishonesty of the Americans who will label Nigeria the worst in everything bad even when they know it is not true.

      • Daniel Obior

        I think you miss my point on this issue. O fully agree the situation is bad in Nigeria. My second sentence also says so, and that is in line with your view. My point is that it is not the worst in the world, particularly when compared to some areas of the middle east where terrorist groups like ISIS operate freely.

    • Tony Oshea

      In countries like Iran,Iraq,Sudan,Somalia,Pakistan,Turkey or Russia,christians are NOT murdered in broad daylight,with impunity and go Scot- free as it happened recently in Abuja where a Yoruba women with RCCG was Killed early morning while preaching.Ditto for the 80 years old,Igbo woman in Kano accused of blasphemy and murdered by hoodlums.Tell me where else on earth does that happen?

      • Daniel Obior

        I am sorry you are not being truthful to claim the murders in those countries are not done with impunity. ISIS for example murdered Christians in some of the places you mentioned with impunity and broad daylight, then enslaves their women and children. The Nigerian case is bad, but it is not the worst in the world. That is my point.

        • Ndem B.

          You are not the Damiel you claim, Boko Haram is your real name

          • Kickboxer

            He is a Yariba slave or Islamist; only both could post such lies

          • Daniel Obior

            You are a dunce without a brain.

          • Daniel Obior

            You are daft an incapable of objectivity.