‘You Are A Detribalised Nigerian’, Otuaro Hails Pa Clark At 97

Sylvester Idowu in Warri 

Immediate past deputy governor of Delta State, Deacon Kingsley Otuaro, has described Ijaw national leader, Pa Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, as a detribalised Nigerian with relentless pursuit of a better Nigeria.

Celebrating the life and legacy of the elder statesman, Otuaro in a statement issued yesterday highlighted Clark’s pivotal role in enhancing the Ijaw identity and his commitment to justice, equity and good governance in Nigeria.

According to the statement titled: ’97 Cheers for an Icon: Kingsley Otuaro Honours Chief Edwin Clark’, the former deputy governor acknowledged that the elder statesman has long been recognised for his relentless pursuit of a better Nigeria.

“Chief Clark, a distinguished elder statesman and the pillar of the Clark-Bekederemo dynasty, has long been recognised for his relentless pursuit of a better Nigeria.

“As doyen of Clark-Bekederemo dynasty, you quickly built the family to reckon in diverse endeavours! In one rare package, you are a total embodiment of the indomitable Ijaw spirit and strengths of our heroes past, forging better perception for the Ijaw identity in Nigeria!.

“Yet, you have trudged on, detribalised; pursuing justice for all regardless of tribe and tongue, in glow of an unquenchable limelight! An incurable optimist, you hoped for a better Nigeria, with sincere labour!”, he said.

Otuaro eulogised Pa Clark further “You committed to Nigeria’s unity beyond rhetorics– sending your daughter to school in post-civil war Eastern Nigeria to deepen trust, reconciliation and unity! 

“You have decried democratic infractions where they exist with fearless verve! For the nation’s peace and prosperity from its oil-based economy, you made interventions on agitators to replace swords with strategy while stressing good governance. You severally escaped death by the whiskers for your uncompromising leadership in truth,” he added.

Deacon Otuaro prayed for God’s continued blessings on Chief Clark, wishing him good health and extended influence.

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