Abiodun, Adeola’s Eyes on Ogun’s Future

By Olanrewaju Fatunmbi

There has been widespread insinuation of an alleged frosty relationship between Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun and the Senator representing Ogun West Senatorial District, Solomon Olamilekan Adeola (aka Yayi). Nothing can be farther from the truth, as it only exists in the imagination of the purveyors of fake news. Readers’ discretion is, therefore, advised because fake news is everywhere. It has become a regular pastime for some people. For no reason, they will sit somewhere and be concocting cock-and-bull stories just to stoke an ember of disagreement among friends and political associates, so much so that their activities have become a big threat to the stability of our polity. Daily, they flood conventional and social media platforms with fake news to cause disaffection. Yet, they find a huge audience among some sections of the populace who cannot decipher what is right from what is wrong.
The primary intent of all this is to gain an advantage over political opponents. Why destroy relationships for you to get to the top; after all, the political space is wide enough to accommodate diverse shades of opinions. But for the pernicious minds, somebody must be pulled down at all costs to pave the way for their selfish agenda.
And we may not have seen anything yet, as permutation for 2027 is gradually just beginning to build up. Very soon, we will begin to see an outburst of rumours, hate speeches, and outright falsehood just for some people to gain political advantage. For those peddling the unfounded rumour of discord between Governor Abiodun and Yayi, we can see the handwriting on the wall. The wind has blown open the romp of the hen. It is purely the handiwork of political enemies. In an attempt to set the two political heavyweights in the state against each other, they contrived an imaginary face-off and went to town with it. Funny enough, some gullible elements took the lie hook, line, and sinker, waiting for the day bubble would burst.
Intriguing but wrong miscalculation! Overtly or covertly, Governor Abiodun and Adeola enjoy a good convivial relationship. As the leading light people are looking forward to, they share a common agenda of socio-economic transformation of the state for the good of all. In the fullness of time, those who deliberately chose to instigate crisis where there is none will be shocked to see the two of them directing the wind of change in our future political journey.
Let’s take it for granted that they have different political ambitions to pursue in 2027, is that enough to make them fight? What will they be fighting over? Whatever position Senator Adeola aspires to be in the next dispensation, he surely cannot cross Governor Abiodun’s path. For instance, if hypothetically he desires to return to the Senate for the continuity of his good representation, would he need to go to Ogun East or Ogun Central to contest? It is impossible because in blood and flesh, he is a proud son of Ogun West. His fidelity and commitment are to the Yewa/Awori people.
Recently, while remarking on his investiture as the Grand Patron of Yewaland Development Forum, Adeola did not hesitate to give the background of his parentage for the benefit of doubting Thomases, stating: “I am from Ogun State of mixed parentage across two Senatorial Districts of Ogun West and Ogun Central.
“My father hails from Agosaga, Pahayi, Ilaro in Yewa South Local Government Area, while my mother was born to the Kemta-Odutolu Family in Abeokuta, Abeokuta South Local Government Area in Egbaland. I have no apology for my mixed parentage in Ogun State as it was not of my making “.
He, therefore, reiterated his commitment to fulfilling the promise of making Ogun West a “small London” for the benefit of the people.
The investiture was in recognition of his contributions to the development of Yewaland. And for being so honoured, he commended the Forum for recognizing his modest achievements in the areas of human capital, infrastructure, and empowerment of the people of Ogun West and the State as a whole.
In the same way, it will be impossible for Governor Abiodun to contemplate a third term because the constitution does not allow it. Neither does he need to denounce his birthplace to get to the Senate, if the option available is to pursue representation in the National Assembly to further his service to the Ogun East Senatorial District after the successful completion of his second term.
So, where is the story of competition coming from? Senator Adeola has repeatedly said in every forum whenever he has the opportunity to address his teeming supporters that Governor Abiodun remains his political leader and will always defer to him as a loyal party man.
Senator Adeola, while reacting to a speculative story with the title: “Dapo Abiodun, Adeola Yayi Battle for Support of Ogun APC Members” published by an online medium, declared unequivocally that Governor Abiodun is the leader of the party in Ogun State and there is no way he would disagree with his leader, mentor, and role model on issues of the party’s administration or do anything to divide the party.
He had this to say: “There is no truth whatsoever in the story as the Governor is my leader and mentor in the party as well as my governor. As a loyal member of APC, there is no way I will be in any battle with my leader and governor on party issues or indeed governance issues as the governor is faithfully implementing policies and programmes of the party in his administration of the state.”
Yayi, who is also the chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations stated that the governor had performed very well in all sectors of Ogun State so far, stressing that his target was to continue to support the governor to maintain and increase the tempo of his development strides in Ogun State.
He stated that he remained committed to fulfilling his promises to his constituents as well as complementing the good works of the governor, stressing that the issue of the governorship of Ogun State in 2027 is a matter to be addressed by the leaders of the party in Ogun State and other relevant stakeholders at the appropriate time.
“No one should distract us from implementing policies of the party for the people at all levels with contrived and speculative issues of phantom competition. We are working to ameliorate the dire economic circumstances facing the people and this is not the time for party politics but governance. I will continue my steadfast support for the governor and those behind this divisive kind of stories are warned to turn a new leaf. The governor remains my leader and mentor in Ogun State,” Senator Adeola added.
In a statement he signed and made available to newsmen in Abeokuta, he described the speculative publication as another mischief sponsored by defeated opposition politicians and some other political players, who seek some relevance in purveying concocted stories to create enmity where none exists.
The statement reads in part: “My attention has been drawn to some online publications speculating and insinuating that there is a rift between him and his leader and my boss, His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun, over issues of governance and politics at State and Federal level.
“Ordinarily, one would have overlooked the publication as another mischief sponsored by defeated opposition politicians and some other political players, who seek some relevance in purveying concocted stories to create enmity where none exist.
“However, with the stories gaining some traction on many social media platforms and from calls I received to confirm the veracity of a rift and falling out of favour with my leader in Ogun State, I find it necessary to debunk the malicious story in its entirety.”
“For the avoidance of doubt, there is no iota of truth of a rift or clash between my leader, Governor Abiodun and I. From the inception of his administration in May 2019, I have committed myself to support our governor in all ways possible, not only on the basis of our close personal relationship but in the interest of the development of Ogun State.
“This commitment is informed by my appreciation of the fact that Governor Abiodun has the best interest of the state at heart, which to my understanding has been manifestly demonstrated in numerous development initiatives that have been acclaimed and acknowledged nationally.
“I cannot also forget the role of His Excellency in my overwhelming success at the party’s primary and eventual election as the senator representing the good people of Ogun West Senatorial District. His support for me greatly demonstrates that he has the best interest of Ogun West people at heart and indeed, the best interest of Ogun State.
“Given the above and my renewed commitment to partner with my leader in his second term in office for the good of Ogun State and its people, it is inconceivable that I have any disagreement or rift with him on issues of governance and politics. It is my firm conviction that stories to the contrary are the evil machinations of those who seek to destroy the strong bond that exists between my leader and me for their selfish interest.
“Let me restate clearly that I have no disagreement or rift with my leader and boss as my relationship with His Excellency, his immediate family, and indeed members of his administration remains strong as ever. Together we are taking our dear state, Ogun, to greater heights in this era of Renewed Hope.”
He acknowledged the great work of Governor Abiodun in addressing some of the development challenges in the areas of roads, housing, education, and healthcare, among others.
Therefore, at this crucial stage in our development effort, it is important to state that the task of building a virile economy and industrial capacity of the state is a joint responsibility of all the stakeholders. No one individual can do it all alone but somebody must provide the leadership. For all he has done, Governor Abiodun has not fettered in his responsibility to carry everybody along through the “Building Our Future Together” mantra of his administration.
With the symbiotic relationship that exists between these two giant figures working together to achieve the development goal target of making Ogun State an investment destination of choice, the best is yet to come. Senator Adeola being the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriation, Ogun State currently, stands a good stead to explore the full advantage of the “Renewed Hope Agenda” of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Apart from the combined effects of complementary efforts, working together will also ensure the continuity of the transformative agenda of the present administration beyond 2027.

*Fatunmbi writes from Imeko-Afon LGA of Ogun State

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