At a time when negativity often surrounds discussions about Nigeria, it’s high time we focused on positive solutions that can make our country great again.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration is doing the job he was elected to do with many workhorses sweating 24/7 to deliver on the Renewed Hope Agenda.

Undoubtedly, one of them is the tireless Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, who is working diligently to help the president turn the economy around.

President Tinubu’s commitment to revitalize the nation is evident, as he pledged to transform the economy and create a better future for all Nigerians, especially the youth.

With Bagudu at the helm of economic planning, Tinubu has found a worthy ally who is leaving no stone unturned to ensure necessary measures for sustainable development and growth.

Critical reforms are being implemented to address macroeconomic imbalances and stabilize the economy, opening a window of opportunity for transformative impact on the lives of millions.

This opportunity can establish a strong foundation for sustainable and inclusive growth, benefiting the nation and its people.

The minister’s high-level meetings with top investors are crucial in supporting the economy and creating job opportunities for Nigerian youth.

 Agriculture, a vital sector for nation-building, must be revitalized through sustainable practices that balance benefits and costs.

We can harness opportunities and overcome challenges by integrating Nigeria’s food system with other West African, Central African, and North African countries.

During a recent dialogue with Dr. Donal Brown, IFAD Vice President, Sen. Bagudu emphasised the need for improved investment and collaboration.

He highlighted the importance of integrating Nigeria’s food system with its neighbouring regions, presenting opportunities for growth and development.

This investment can help create more food security for Nigerians and create job opportunities.

Senator Abubakar Bagudu as we all know who distinguished himself as two-term governor of Kebbi State, has demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to the country’s development.

As governor of Kebbi, his administration made significant strides in various sectors, including agriculture, particularly rice farming, infrastructural development, human capital development, and empowerment.

From the onset of his governorship, Bagudu was determined to transform Kebbi State into an agrarian economy, making the state a major revenue earner.

As a testament to his dedication, Bagudu continued his agricultural-focused initiatives even after his tenure as governor.

As the Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, Bagudu’s understanding of the importance of agriculture has been evident in his efforts to boost the national economy through this sector.

This was demonstrated recently, when he, in company with the Minister of Agriculture, Senator Abubakar Kyari, and other dignitaries, commissioned a tomato farming and processing facility, GB Foods, in Kebbi State.

This event indicated Bagudu’s unwavering support for investment in the agricultural sector to foster economic growth and stability.

Economic planning, which involves making decisions regarding the allocation of resources, has been a priority for Bagudu, as demonstrated by his decision to improve the road leading to his office, showcasing his understanding of the needs of the people and his ability to solve problems effectively.

Senator Bagudu’s contributions to the development of Kebbi State and Nigeria are commendable.

 His leadership qualities and his dedication to the betterment of his people have set a remarkable example for other leaders to follow.

As we witness this era of positive changes under President Tinubu’s administration, let us celebrate their efforts and join hands in support.

 Together, we can make Nigeria a beacon of hope, progress and prosperity, proving that a positive outlook can lead to a brighter future for all.

 Margaret Titilayo Oboh, Abuja

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