Acropolis Golf Course Gets New Partners

The newly inaugurated Acropolis Gardens and Residences Golf Course in Okija, Anambra State has been receiving support from new partners with the plan of deepening the impact of the game of golf in the country.

Nonso Osanakpo, the Business Development Manager of Kates Associates Industries Limited, has said that the facility complements one of the core existence of his organisation, as a promoter of personal care, hence their need to partner with the project.

According to him “As the number of golfers grows through the establishment and promotion of great facilities like this, the personal care of the people would be impacted. This project complements the objective that we have pursued as an organisation for the past five decades.

“While our company has several products that can support this project, the Doobai perfume and roll-on is what we believe tallies with the planned golf development activities in the state and the country,” he noted.

Obioma Ogakwu, Acting Facility Manager at Acropolis said that the support, further confirms that the golf project is worthy of all the investments.

“It has been encouraging so far. We have had several organisations including the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) of Nigeria, the Nigeria Golf Federation, and other key stakeholders in the golf industry in the country throw their weight behind us since the golf course was commissioned on April 6th in Okija. 

She said, apart from Doobai, Nestoil and Tecon have also shown support for the project.

“Nestoil came on board as the main sponsor of the launch while Doobai and Tecon oil also threw in generous support. This is encouraging for the kind of vision we are pursuing in Anambra and the country as a whole.”

She further said that the Acropolis Gardens and Residence Golf Course has its doors open to golf events and will unveil its maiden major event soonest. She adds that her team is working hard to sustain the focus and drive for excellence that has earned them the accolades and support, so far.

“We are very deliberate and engaging the right professionals in ensuring we keep the best standard possible,” she  concluded.

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