Gov Lawal Turbaned Wakilin Kauran Namoda

Zamfara State Governor, Dauda Lawal, attended the annual Eid Sallah Durbar at the Kauran Namoda Local Government Area on Sunday where the Emirate conferred on him the prestigious title of Wakilin Kauran Namoda.
The Kauran Namoda emirate celebrates Eid with a special event known as Hawan Durbar every year.
A statement by the spokesperson of Zamfara Governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, noted that the Sallah Durbar brings together people to celebrate the occasion with traditional music, dance and cultural displays.
At the colourful Durbar ceremony, Governor Lawal was turbaned as ‘Wakilin Kaura,’ which means the representative of the founder of the Emirate, according to the statement.
The statement said, “Governor Dauda Lawal attended the Kauran Namoda Emirate’s annual Sallah Durbar on Sunday.
“The Hawan Durbar is a colourful event that showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Kauran Namoda Emirate.
“Hawan Durbar in Kauran Namoda Local Government Area allows the people to come together, share joyful moments and celebrate the year’s blessings.
“This year’s Durbar was significant for the Emirate because it was the first time a serving Governor of the state attended the event.
“Governor Lawal, wearing traditional attire, took part in the durbar while riding a decorated horse.
“During the Durbar, the Emir of Kauran Namoda, also known as Sarkin Kiyawan Kauran Namoda, Dr. Sanusi Muhammad Ahmad Asha, bestowed upon Governor Dauda Lawal the traditional title of ‘Wakilin Kaura,’ meaning the representative of the Emirate’s founder. This gesture was a show of gratitude for the Governor’s attendance at the event.”
“Furthermore, Governor Dauda Lawal commissioned the Modomawa city gate, an ancient gate of Kauran Namoda dating back to 1807-1810.
“He also inspected the facility of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in the local government where he pledged to provide all the necessary support to revive the sub-station.”

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