Samsung Honours Obi Cubana for One-Year Partnership, 49th Birthday Celebration

Ugo Aliogo

In commemoration of the birthday of the Chairman of the Cubana Group, Mr. Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, Samsung Nigeria has yesterday celebrated and honoured him for a successful one-year partnership.

The glamorous event held at Knowhere restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos,

Speaking at the event, Iyiegbu highlighted the fruitful collaboration between Samsung and himself over the past year.

He acknowledged as Samsung’s icon in West Africa, spoke passionately about the shared values and achievements that defined their partnership.

He emphasized how his genuine passion for Samsung mobile experience, coupled with his longstanding loyalty to the brand, facilitated a natural synergy between his personal brand and Samsung’s ethos.

During his address, Iyiegbu described his role in championing Samsung as the ultimate choice in electronics, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, service, and innovation.

Reflecting on the economic challenges posed by fluctuating market conditions, particularly the impact of the rising dollar on the hospitality sector, Iyiegbu praised the resilience of Nigerians in adapting to these changes. Despite the hurdles, he expressed optimism about the future, noting recent signs of stabilization in business conditions and a gradual return of consumer confidence.

When questioned about the key factors contributing to longevity and success in the hospitality industry, especially during turbulent times, Iyiegbu emphasized the critical importance of consistency, integrity, and strategic reinvestment in one’s business.

Drawing from his extensive two-decade experience in the industry, he stressed the necessity of nurturing talent and preparing for future transitions within the dynamic landscape.

Amidst birthday celebrations, Iyiegbu expressed deep gratitude for his health and life experiences, emphasizing the significance of leaving a positive legacy and positively impacting the lives of others.

The event underscored Iyiegbu’s unwavering commitment to excellence, reflecting not only in his business ventures but also in his personal philosophy. As he continues to make strides in partnership with Samsung and within Nigeria’s vibrant hospitality scene, Obinna Iyiegbu’s dedication to excellence remains a hallmark of his entrepreneurial journey.

Group Head, Mobile Experience Division, Samsung Electronics West Africa Joy Tim-Ayoola, said: “Tonight, we are excited to celebrate an extraordinary individual – OBI CUBANA. His passion for the Samsung brand has not only shattered expectations but has redefined what it means to be the face of a brand, setting new standards for brand influencing.

“In our search, we wanted someone with genuine love for Samsung, and Obi performs above expectations to not only embrace but actively champion Samsung products.

“So, tonight is a testament to our satisfaction. Tonight is an appreciation and a celebration of our icon Obi Cubana and to further emphasise our partnership for the future.”

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