Afriland Properties CEO Seeks Dismantling of Barriers Hindering Women’s Participation in Real Estate

Fadekemi Ajakaiye

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Afriland Properties Plc, Uzo Oshogwe, has advocated for urgent and strategic steps to address the barriers and disparities hindering women’s participation in the real estate sector for the sector to witness significant growth.

Speaking at a programme organized by Female Lawyers in Real Estate (FELIREP) on promoting women’s inclusion in the sector, Oshogwe outlined actionable strategies aimed at breaking down barriers and empowering female professionals. 

She cited facilitating access to finance, capacity building, mentorship programs, and policy reforms among key initiatives that will drive transformative change and foster inclusion in the sector. She stated, “Finance plays a major role in propelling entrepreneurial endeavors forward. Government and financial institutions should explore establishing special loan programs and grants tailored specifically for women real estate entrepreneurs. This will facilitate capital acquisition for property acquisition, development, and investment, thereby leveling the playing field and opening doors to opportunities.”

Oshogwe emphasized the importance of mentorship and capacity building in nurturing the next generation of female leaders in real estate, citing Afriland Properties Plc as an organization actively promoting inclusion within its ranks. “At Afriland Properties Plc, our governing board is made up of 50% women, our executive management team comprises 44% females, and our staff has 38% women making an impact in the workplace. We know there is still a lot of work to be done, but I am proud to say that Afriland is an equal-opportunity employer and every woman who has grown her career in our organization has done so through hard work and diligence.”

In conclusion, the Afriland Chief Executive Officer reiterated that promoting women’s inclusion in the Nigerian real estate market is not only a matter of social justice but also a crucial step towards achieving sustainable development and economic growth. By implementing these strategies, the industry can unlock the full potential of women’s talents and contributions, driving positive change across all levels of society.

Afriland Properties Plc is a premier property management, investment, and development firm providing comprehensive solutions across the real estate spectrum, from property management to strategic joint ventures.

Leveraging a portfolio exceeding N12 billion and boasting one of Nigeria’s largest land holdings, Afriland is at the forefront of harnessing the potential of an institutionalized approach to real estate, catering to specialized markets across Africa.

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