Eddie King follows up with new track ‘Evil People’ after ‘Omo Naija’

Eddie King, a Liberian musician based in America, who recently dropped his ‘Omo Naija’ single to critical acclaim, is set to release his album follow up single ‘Evil People’. With his recent success in Nigeria, his upcoming release, ‘Evil People’ features the renowned Nigerian artiste Terry Apala, with Eddie King poised to captivate audiences once again.

Following success of his debut single, ‘Omo Naija’, which saw Eddie King collaborate with two Nigerian artistes, Wale Waves and Igbako, his journey in the Nigerian Afropop scene has been remarkable. Embracing the roots of Afro-pop/fusion, Eddie King’s immersion in Nigerian culture and music speaks volumes about his dedication to his craft and his appreciation for the origins of the genre.

With the set release of ‘Evil People’, fans and industry stakeholders have touted King as one of the fastest rising artistes to watch in Nigeria.

Speaking on his new track, he said, “This track is to remind everyone to stay focused and be careful about who they consider friends and family. We need to show more love to ourselves and be wary of people with bad intentions”.

With collaborations and tours lined up throughout 6ythe year, King’s trajectory in the music industry continues to soar. His ability to blend infectious rhythms with poignant storytelling ensures that his music resonates with audiences across borders and cultures.

In an era where music transcends boundaries, Eddie King stands as a beacon of unity and creativity. His journey from Liberia to America and his subsequent exploration of Nigerian music exemplify the power of music to bridge gaps and celebrate diversity.

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