Amb. Richy E. Onolememen: When a Captain of Industry Ventures Into Real Estate

Amb. Richy E. Onolememen: When a Captain of Industry Ventures Into Real Estate

 Mary Nah

There is a popular saying that he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life but that is not the tale of Amb. Richy E. Onolememen. He was courageous enough to take the risk and he has achieved many more in his life.

His success was not an accident. He worked hard for it both within and beyond the shores of the country. He delved into many businesses and all thrived.

Today, he celebrates his golden jubilee age as an achiever and philanthropist

This Uromi, Edo State indigene is a Realtor, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. He is an astute Managing Director with more than 19 years of experience in handling complicated problems that may endanger firm profitability and longevity by offering creative solutions that result in considerable expenditure savings. 

Acted as advisor to investors, with a track record of success in persuasion and negotiation regarding the most appropriate business strategies.

Now, he is the chairman of Guidotti Group, a business that engages in real estate, construction, facility management, hospitality and consultancy.

Aside from Guidotti Group, he also owns Solid Made Ltd, Urban Bubble Ltd, Goorchy Properties Nig Ltd, Hotel Guidotti and Whitehart Hotel & Apartments. He also has business ventures outside the shores of the country. In the United Kingdom, he owns a wholesale/retail business called JK Cash & Carry Ltd and also served as a Director in Ades Salford Manchester, UK Ltd for 4 years. Before then, he spent 5 years working as an employee for Nigeria’s Defence Health Maintenance Limited.

Now he has moved into real estate. Speaking on the new venture, he mentioned where the motivation came from, “the enthusiasm, the next task, the inventiveness, and, of course, the WOW moments that accompany client happiness, particularly during expeditious project deliveries. Yes, they do help to motivate me.”

Speaking of Guidotti Group, he said that the firm, “it’s a leading premium building construction company dedicated to giving people a better and easier way to invest in properties with over 19 years of experience and we have been delivering high-quality projects to our clients.

“Not excluding estate development, we provide necessary building and facilities management services that support your facilities and estates under a cost-effective maintenance compliance programme.

“At Guidotti Group, we are committed to giving the latest architectural designs that will suit your personnel and practices with safety, stability and a healthy home”,  he added.  

He said the journey of a realtor is a different ball game.” To be completely honest with you, I experienced both good and bad things in my life, but every experience I had also helped me learn a valuable lesson and got me ready for the next phase of my career – yes, it was necessary to mould me into the person I am today,” he stated.

Speaking on the result of the new venture, he said, “Working with Guidotti Group will broaden your horizons with our well-mannered professional team, various insurances covered, pension, and other benefits, among other mouth-watering advantages.

“Regarding our valued clients, there are many assurances that accompany our business, but you can count on a timely and satisfactory project that will leave you with nothing but referrals.”

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