Throughout history, no institution has achieved any substantial leap without a leadership vision and strategic thinking because no amount of whimsical, unplanned and hurried actions or even inactions can trump an excellent and well-articulated plan judiciously executed for the national benefits”.

 This is very true about the National Lottery Trust Fund under the leadership of its executive secretary, Dr.Bello Maigari, who has done everything possible in reforming the interventionist agency and changing its narratives so that it can achieve its mandates. It is therefore not surprising to hear many analysts and public commentators say that indeed there is a new dawn at the agency. The National Lottery Trust Fund under the Federal Ministry of Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs was created to help use the proceeds of funds accruing from the proceed of remittances to the federal government through gaming to intervene in areas of needs in the country.

 Based on the prevalent knee-jerk approach to developmental interventions of the past in the country by the federal government, the present Minister of Special Duties and intergovernmental Affairs, Zaphaniah Jisalo, and the present executive secretary of the National Lottery Trust Fund, Dr. Bello Maigari made serious efforts in reforming the agency so that it can carry out its mandates as prescribed in the enabling laws creating the agency. The agency is now working to the satisfaction of Nigerians as there are no longer room for hunches, guesswork or sloganeering at the agency because what we now see daily are actions bringing succour to the less privileged in society.

 Many would ask what makes the agency now working more than ever before? The answer is in the synergy between the minister in charge of the agency, Hon Jisalo, and the management of the agency led by its executive secretary, Dr. Bello Maigari.  They are creating the leadership synergy as the needed impetus to make the agency to fulfill its mandates especially in the renewed hope administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The present management of the agency led by the executive secretary communicates their strategies transparently and are ready to take responsibility for its outcomes. The open communication in the agency about the challenges and setbacks is helping to manage public expectations and building trust in the agency. No wonder that today the National Lottery Trust Fund is now regarded as one of the best run interventionist agencies in Nigeria because of the transparent manner it is carrying out its duties, devoid of sectional or political considerations. This is a rapid departure from the past.

 The National Lottery Trust Fund is intervening in every area of needs in the country. Areas such as health, sports, education, and culture have felt the impacts in all its interventions.

 The strategy of the National Lottery Trust Fund is making sure today is adaptable to changing circumstances and adjusting to real time feedback’s and evolving challenges in the nation.

The positive from this is that the agency is now once again working to the general expectations of the citizens because of its adoptions of a balanced and systematic approach in addressing its challenges.

Musa Wada,


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