Evangelist Loveth Howell Stays Committed to Developing and Promoting Sambo in Nigeria

Evangelist Loveth Howell Stays Committed to Developing and Promoting Sambo in Nigeria

The Sambo Association of Nigeria has been instrumental in promoting Sambo which is both a sport and combat discipline, emphasizing grappling and striking techniques having its roots in judo, jujutsu, boxing, and folk wrestling. Sambo, a dynamic and versatile martial art, combines elements of various disciplines to create a unique combat sport that emphasizes both grappling and striking techniques. Under the guidance of the association, Sambo has gained recognition and popularity across Nigeria, attracting athletes and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

Evangelist Loveth Howell, President of Sambo Association of Nigeria expresses that, “We plan to intensify our grassroots development programs, by establishing more Sambo clubs and training centers across the country, especially in schools and universities. This will help to identify and develop young talent, and create a pipeline of future champions. Also we will launch a nationwide campaign to promote Sambo and its benefits, highlighting the successes of our athletes and the opportunities available to those who join the sport.”

She adds that, “We are poised to work closely with the Nigerian government, sports ministries, and other stakeholders to provide incentives and support for athletes who choose to represent Nigeria at international competitions. We will also leverage social media and digital platforms to reach a wider audience, share our story, and attract more Nigerians to join the Sambo family.”

At the just concluded 13th African Games in Accra, Ghana which held from March 8th to 23rd 2024, the four man team who had their debut at the games claimed one gold, one silver and one bronze medals for their efforts at the championships. It was indeed a time of pride for Team Nigeria as it gave them a cause to celebrate and ground to launch their career on a larger scale.

Speaking about the landmark win, Howell shares that, “It was an incredible feeling! As the President of the Sambo Association of Nigeria, I was overjoyed and proud to see Team Nigeria earn 3 medals. The hard work, dedication, and passion of our athletes and coaches paid off, and it was a testament to the progress we’ve made as a team. Watching our athletes stand on the podium, hearing the Nigerian national anthem play, and seeing the Nigerian flag raised high was a moment I will never forget. It was a proud moment for all of us, and a reminder that our efforts are making a difference.”

Through plans to organize events, competitions, and training programs, the Sambo Association of Nigeria would show effectively the skill and athleticism inherent in the sport. Moreover, the association’s commitment to promoting Sambo reflects its dedication to fostering a culture of sportsmanship, discipline, and physical fitness among Nigerian youth. By advocating for the development of Sambo infrastructure, coaching, and talent identification initiatives, the association is paving the way for future generations of Sambo practitioners to excel on both national and international stages.

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