The Macallan, Mai ATAFO Mentor Aspiring Fashion Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

The Macallan, Mai ATAFO Mentor Aspiring Fashion Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Esther Oluku 

For the third consecutive time, The Macallan, renowned for its commitment to excellence, has collaborated with ATAFO, a leading fashion brand in Nigeria, to host a transformative workshop themed “Fashion Conversations with Mai Atafo” at the ATAFO Workshop, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Sunday, 17th March 2023.

The ATAFO Workshop, a hub of creativity and innovation, played host to this extraordinary collaboration, providing a platform for both budding and established fashion creatives to glean insights from the acclaimed fashion designer himself.

At its core, the workshop embodies a shared vision between The Macallan and ATAFO: the empowerment and upskilling of Nigerian fashion talents through a series of hands-on sessions, providing the participants with the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of design, craftsmanship, and brand building, guided by the expertise of Mai Atafo and fueled by the inspiration of The Macallan.

The Brand Manager, Edrington portfolio in Nigeria, Hammed Adebiyi, affirmed, “The Macallan is known for its quality, uniqueness, and distinctive character. Our whiskies are the result of meticulous processes and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. This dedication to excellence is reflected in aspects of our brand. Today, we find ourselves celebrating a shared passion for this very concept— the importance of craftsmanship in the Nigerian fashion industry.  

The world of fashion, like the world of whisky, thrives on the dedication of skilled artisans who dedicate their creativity and expertise to every stitch and design. That’s why The Macallan is proud to be a three-time partner with Mai Atafo on this initiative. We understand that nurturing the next generation of creative minds is paramount to ensuring a future where exceptional craftsmanship continues to flourish in the fashion industry.”

This collaboration represents a broader ethos of creativity, collaboration, and community. By bringing together creative fashion talents and perspectives, The Macallan and ATAFO are set to foster a culture of innovation and excellence within the Nigerian fashion industry.

Nigeria Fashion Icon and Creative Director, Mai Atafo in his remark said “This collaboration with The Macallan goes deeper than just fashion sponsorship. It’s a celebration of craftsmanship. The Macallan appreciates craftsmanship and fashion is a tangible expression of that. Their dedication to their craft mirrors mine. This partnership is a testament to the shared values of craftsmanship and dedication. I am thrilled to be passing on this appreciation for craftmanship to the next generation of fashion designers.”

Beyond the technical aspects of fashion, the workshop is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. From networking opportunities to mentorship, participants will emerge from the workshop equipped with the knowledge, confidence, and connections needed to thrive in a competitive industry such as the Nigerian fashion industry. 

Founded in 1824, The Macallan is recognised worldwide for its outstanding quality, distinctive character, and extraordinary, ultra-prestige single malt whisky. 

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