Carima: Streamlining African Car Market

Bennett  Oghifo

Adebayo Tomiwa, the Managing Director of Carima, a company that facilitates car buying and selling, has said his company is a one-stop shop to find customers’ dream cars fast and hassle-free.

According to Tomiwa, “Carima started by facilitating car buying and selling, but we quickly spotted a gap in the traditional approach. Major online platforms often miss cars simply because sellers haven’t updated listings. Dealerships, bombarded with car requests, frequently lack the specific vehicles customers seek.

“Carima solves this. We connect dealers across Africa, creating a network that locates the exact car a customer desires, even if it’s not actively listed for sale.  Imagine Carima as a vast marketplace where dealers act like friendly shopkeepers, searching their networks to fulfill your request.

“Our research shows dealers miss out on daily sales due to limited inventory and lack of search options. Carima empowers them to fulfill customer needs and earn commissions by finding the perfect car through our network.

“Our mission? To unite African car dealers, making your dream car a mere five minutes away.

“Frustrated by outdated listings and limited dealer inventory? Carima is here to streamline your car buying experience in Africa. We connect car dealers across the continent to find the exact car you desire, even if it’s not actively listed for sale.”

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