Amaka Okeke-Lawal: Optiva Capital Partners Offers Global Opportunities through Grenada Citizenship

Amaka Okeke-Lawal: Optiva Capital Partners Offers Global Opportunities through Grenada Citizenship

Ms. Amaka Okeke-Lawal is the Executive Director, Business Development at Optiva Capital Partners Limited, one of the largest providers of second citizenship and residency services in Africa. Sunday Ehigiator writes on the company’s commitment to support Nigerians on global investment and citizenship opportunities, and its mission to optimize wealth for clients

Ever since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the desire of entrepreneurs and affluent investors to attain international mobility and global acceptance. During this critical period, with ongoing global political and economic uncertainties, investors are confronted with the formidable task of diversifying and preserving wealth in a manner that ensures continuous growth despite the economic downturn.

Investment immigration programmes provide secure ways to guarantee global mobility and a strategic opportunity to improve the overall quality of life. Investment immigration programs across the globe enable the extremely affluent to acquire passports or visas, granting them access to certain privileges enjoyed by naturalized citizens in exchange for a substantial sum of money.

By choosing to pursue citizenship or residency through Optiva Capital Partners, the leading investment immigration firm in Africa, individuals could efficiently navigate an investment immigration program.  Supported by a vast network of elite, international partners, Optiva provides a wide range of investment solutions across geographies and asset classes and has distinguished itself in the Investment Immigration Industry through superior end-to-end service delivery and customer experience.

In recent times, a greater number of high-net-worth individuals worldwide are becoming acquainted with the advantages of Investment Immigration. However, it is important to acknowledge that these individuals’ unique requirements and objectives differ, and certain schemes are more beneficial for individuals originating from specific regions, as these programs have been customised to meet their specific advantages. Nonetheless, there is one country that provides high-net-worth individuals with almost all the necessary provisions, regardless of their origin and that is Grenada.

Grenada boasts one of the most appealing and robust Citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programs globally. It maintains strong diplomatic ties with the US, the UK and the EU. Recognising the significance of its ties with the Caribbean, Canada also included Grenada in the CAN+ program.

Gaining access to the USA is not the only benefit one gets from obtaining a Grenada passport, it also gives visa-free travel to 143 countries including all countries of the European Union, United Kingdom, Singapore, Russia, and China.

Grenada stands out as the only Caribbean nation offering a citizenship program that grants its citizens the opportunity to obtain both an E-2 visa and a 10-year US tourist visa. By acquiring an E-2 visa, holders of a Grenada passport can reside in the United States indefinitely. As a citizen of Grenada, you will enjoy the benefits of the USA TREATY with Grenada, enabling you to establish a business, reside, and work in the USA alongside your family. You can also live and work in Grenada as a second home with zero hassles on global income tax, wealth tax, or inheritance tax.

To get a Grenada passport, there are two options, invest $220,000 in a government-approved real estate project. The property must be held for a minimum of 5 years before it can be sold or you make a non-refundable minimum donation of $150,000 to the National Transformation Fund.

Optiva Capital Partners, the largest provider of second citizenship and residency services in Africa has assisted thousands of families in obtaining second citizenship and residency from Grenada and many other Caribbean countries, including the USA, Canada, Portugal, and Greece Residency by Investment options. The company has branches across the country and provides excellent investment immigration, investment advisory, and wealth management services for its esteemed clients who have trusted them with their investment immigration needs for over 13 years now.

Some of Optiva Capital’s other investment immigration opportunities it assists Nigerians to be part of include the USA EB, Residency by Investment, which not only accelerates wealth creation but also open doors to a promising future, offering the opportunity to become a green card holder; citizenship by investment programs for which acquiring a passport from any of the countries on their menu provides visa-free access to more than 143 countries, all without the need to meet any residency criteria before obtaining them. For Greece, for instance, obtaining a luxury apartment, is a gateway to obtaining the Greece golden visa which is not just an investment immigration scheme, it is also a way to diversify wealth. For Canada, a Nigerian can become a global business person by investing in Canada Federal Start-up program, migrate to Canada with a 3-year open work permit, while the person’s permanent residency is prioritized as an investor.

In partnership with its reputable international affiliates the company has helped many families with their immigration and global access needs over the years and “has always done this with utmost diligence and professionalism.”

To enhance its service delivery, the Executive Director stated that the company launched Optiva Plus which is a complementary thank you service for its clients. In addition, she stated that Optiva Capital Partners goes beyond its service to do “visa resolution, student admission for our clients’ kids, and also help with passport renewals. 

Then our elite global partnerships through which we help our clients with extensive, superior opportunities and options to help maximize their wealth across jurisdictions and across asset classes. We are capable and have the ability to do what we have promised.”

Additionally, Optiva Capital’s expanding points of sale aligns with its strategy to extend its edge in investment immigration through an operational process which Okeke-Lawal described as being “detailed on documentation, full disclosure, family situation, background, employment, and education.”

She enthused that, “one of the things we do very well at Optiva Capital Partners is the ability to handle that process, right from origination. We have fully developed our process, a fully dedicated process centre, which has access to 50 to 60 people at once, and we have a team that can help us talk to clients in a very holistic way.”

Today, Optiva Capital Partners prides itself as the largest provider of investments immigration services not only in Nigeria but across Africa, and also the largest employer of labour in the investment immigration subsector with over 17 branches distributed across Nigeria and over one thousand full-time employees. In partnership with its reputable international affiliates the company has helped many families with their immigration and global access needs over the years and “has always done this with utmost diligence and professionalism.”

Optiva’s philosophy is encapsulated in the following nuggets which underscore its commitment to its clients: protect wealth –to ensure clients do not lose value for what they already have; grow wealth – in accordance with client’s risk appetite and future aspirations; enhance wealth – exposes clients to the many avenues for wealth amplification; and optimize wealth – to help clients to continuously create the most value by investing in a wide range of financial products that they otherwise would not have easy access to.

Heeled in effective delivery of wealth management offerings, Optiva Capital easily stands out in investment immigration, providing professional immigration services for individuals seeking to obtain alternative citizenship or residency in any of the countries that it serves, which are numerous. In addition, the company provides investment advisory, and wealth management services.

One of Optiva Capital Partners success stories is its ability to develop partnerships with strong and well recognised reputable institutions. One of them is Stuart Financial with headquarters in Montreal, Canada, a global company with offices in many countries. They are the financial intermediaries to the Quebec government, and they are members of the investment regulatory Council of Canada. Optiva Capital Partners is also engaged with them in Greece, Portugal, and of course here in Africa, for Federal Start-up programme in Canada. There is also Green and Spiegel, which is Canada’s oldest and largest immigration law firm based in Toronto, specialising in corporate and personal immigration services. 

They have offices in five countries including the USA; Heng Sheng Group, which is another global group with footprints in many countries like USA, China, Singapore, and Grenada. They have the largest investment in the Caribbean right now, a $2.4B investment. 

They are building the Grenada National Resort. Other elite partners of Optiva Capital Partners include Range Developments, an award-winning developer of luxury resorts offering Citizenship By Investment programmes in Grenada and the Caribbean; Anchor Capital, easily the largest trading investment banking group in South Africa with Asset Under Management of over Seven Billion US Dollars; AIL, an international insurance group; and also TIW Capital Group, a global asset management company in South East Asia with offices in Singapore, India, and UAE.

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