Experts: Digital Transformation Will Empower Nollywood for Innovation, Growth

Emma Okonji

Computer expert and member of Nigeria Computer Society, Mr. Jide Awe, has emphasised the need for Nollywood stakeholders to embrace digital technologies to promote innovation and growth.

He said in a rapidly evolving landscape, digital transformation would serve as the catalyst propelling Nollywood into a new era of innovation and growth, adding that by embracing digital technologies, Nollywood stands poised to revolutionise the entertainment industry, harnessing the power of data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging platforms to reshape storytelling and audience engagement.

Awe who spoke during the recent fireside session of the Nollywood Economic Outlook 5.0 in Lagos, which was hosted by Ijeoma Imo, an actress, said: “The allure of the silver screen meets the prowess of digital ingenuity, as Nollywood pioneers new horizons in filmmaking. With the advent of digital transformation, opportunities abound to enhance creativity, streamline processes, and captivate audiences on a global scale.”

The Nollywood Economic Outlook, now in its fifth year, is a special economic session for creatives, organised annually by The Nollywood Mandate (TNM). 

Commissioner, Tourism, Arts and Culture, Lagos State, Toke Benson-Awoyinka, commended the organisers for sustaining the engagement in the creative sectors and promoting digital transformation to accelerate the growth of the creative industry. 

Executive Secretary/CEO, Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board, who represented the commissioner, pledged that the state would continue to partner The Nollywood Mandate in the area of innovation to drive policies. 

Convener of the event, Don Pedro Aganbi, in his welcome address noted that collaboration, innovation and infusion of digital technology was indispensable in the quest to move Nollywood to the next level and ensure it continues to contribute to the nation’s economy. 

The event highlighted the importance of embracing global best practices, investing in talent and technology, promoting inclusivity, and fostering collaboration across the industry’s value chain. Speakers emphasised the industry’s potential to drive economic growth, job creation, and cultural diplomacy.

The Nollywood Economic Outlook 5.0 provided a roadmap for reshaping the industry, positioning it as a global cultural and economic force, and driving Nigeria’s economic transformation.

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