Governance Gap: Foundation Advocates for Youth Participation in Politics

Governance Gap: Foundation Advocates for Youth Participation in Politics

Onuminya Innocent in Sokoto

A youth foundation J-DEV, in collaboration with non-governmental organisations, NED and NDI, has advocated for youth participation in politics in order to bridge the gap in governance.

Speaking at North-west’s youth forum in Sokoto, the program manager of J-DEV, Ms. Sophie Akut, said that the aim of the foundation is to promote civic education among Nigerian youths in a manner that would motivate them to take more active roles in governance.

Akut further highlighted the critical importance of youth engagement in shaping Nigeria’s future.

She also called for timely dialogues on issues that would expand youth’s participation in civic affairs beyond electoral cycles and underscored the urgency of tapping into Nigeria’s abundant youth population to reposition the nation as a continental frontrunner.

She also extended her heartfelt gratitude to Nigerian youths and encouraged them to remain steadfast in constructing systems that could effectively cater for their unique needs and aspirations.

“This is a clarion call, urging us, the youths, to channel our energies and resources into crafting the Nigeria we envision,” she added.

She stressed the active participation of young individuals in governance and nation-building, adding that it is not just desirable but essential.

“Our primary objective with this project is to amplify the voices of Nigeria’s youth, capturing the challenges and experiences they encounter on their journey of civic participation.

“We also aimed to deliberate on viable pathways for progress through constructive discourse. In doing so, our aspiration is to foster an environment where Nigerian youth not only foresee positive transformation but also contribute to its realisation,” she said.

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