Unveiling Enifome Ogbimi: A Champion of Social Development

Enifome Ogbimi, a name synonymous with resilience and empowerment, emerges as a beacon of hope in the realm of social development.

With a background rooted in civil engineering and a heart pulsating with compassion, Ogbimi’s journey epitomises the transformative power of purpose-driven action.

Born in Calabar, Cross River state, and shaped by her experiences in Lagos, her trajectory illuminates the path towards authentic living and societal impact.

As the founder of Fogg Solutions, Ogbimi channels her innate ability to innovate and problem-solve into a platform dedicated to catalysing positive change.

“I’ve always been a ‘fix it’ person,” she shares, reflecting on the genesis of her company.

Fogg Solutions, inspired by the notion of “Fragrance of God’s Glory,” embodies Ogbimi’s ethos of infusing every endeavour with transformative impact.

Through her work, she not only provides solutions but also nurtures authenticity and purpose, fostering a ripple effect of growth and empowerment.

Her journey takes a deeply personal turn with the establishment of the Live Again Foundation.

Rooted in her triumph over adversity, Ogbimi’s vision for the foundation is one of restoration and renewal.

“Live Again,” she explains, encapsulates her message of resilience and hope, serving as a lifeline for women navigating similar trials.

From the Live Again Shelter to the transformative Live Again Summit, her initiatives embody her unwavering commitment to empowering marginalised women to reclaim their narratives and embrace abundant living.

Amidst her ongoing initiatives, including the Live Again Outreach, Ogbimi remains steadfast in her pursuit of societal transformation.

With aspirations to expand the reach of the Live Again Shelter to an island branch and other parts of the world, her vision transcends geographical boundaries, resonating with individuals seeking to live authentically and purposefully.

In a candid interview, Ogbimi shares her motivation: “The desire to help people build better lives propels my endeavours.”

Despite encountering challenges, including funding constraints, her unwavering determination culminated in the establishment of the Live Again Shelter—a testament to her resilience and compassion.

Her advice to aspiring professionals echoes her journey: “Start from where you are. Start now.”

Ogbimi’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of resilience, compassion, and purpose-driven action.

Through Fogg Solutions and the Live Again Foundation, she continues to illuminate pathways of hope and empowerment, inspiring individuals to embrace their inherent potential and live authentically.

Her story reminds us that amidst life’s challenges, the human spirit remains indomitable, radiating with the fragrance of resilience and purpose.

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