Real Estate Icon, Jayne Onwumere Receives Prestigious Sun Investors Award

Real Estate Icon, Jayne Onwumere Receives Prestigious Sun Investors Award

Fadekemi Ajakaiye

President of Property World Africa Network (PWAN Group), Dr Jayne Onwumere, has been conferred with The Sun Investors’ Award for the year 2023. 

This distinguished honour, presented by The Sun newspaper, recognised Dr Onwumere’s outstanding contributions to the real estate sector alongside 43 other trailblazing Nigerians who have excelled in their respective fields.

The event, graced by eminent personalities including the Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria, Senator George Akume, was a testament to Dr Onwumere’s remarkable journey from adversity to triumph. Speaking at the ceremony, Neya Kalu, the Chairman and Publisher of The Sun, lauded the awardees for their commitment to Nigerian development and their role in inspiring future generations. She emphasized the significance of leadership and hailed Dr Onwumere’s dedication to advancing the nation’s real estate landscape.

The Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief of The Sun, Mr. Onuoha Uke, reflected on the challenging year of 2023 for Nigeria and highlighted the resilience and determination exhibited by individuals like Dr Onwumere. He underscored the importance of recognizing those who have made significant strides in contributing to national development, acknowledging Dr Onwumere’s pivotal role in reshaping the real estate narrative.

Dr Jayne Onwumere’s journey to success is nothing short of inspirational. From experiencing homelessness and joblessness to co-founding PWAN Group with her husband, Dr Augustine Onwumere, her story epitomizes the triumph of perseverance and vision. Their encounter with a real estate opportunity in 2012 marked the genesis of PWAN Homes Limited, a pioneering venture that aimed to transform the dream of homeownership into reality.

Driven by her unwavering passion and expertise in innovative strategy and brand building, Dr Onwumere has been instrumental in propelling PWAN Group into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. Through her emphasis on networking marketing, particularly the 5×5 matrix approach, she has cultivated a robust network of over 300,000 independent real estate professionals, known as PWAN Business Owners (PBOs). Under her leadership, PWAN Group has burgeoned into a network comprising fifty-two companies, setting unprecedented benchmarks in Nigerian and global business history.

Dr Onwumere’s accolade as the recipient of The Sun Investors’ Award serves as a testament to her visionary leadership and indomitable spirit. Her journey from adversity to acclaim exemplifies the transformative power of resilience and determination. As she continues to chart new frontiers in the real estate landscape, Dr Jayne Onwumere stands as an icon of inspiration and a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs across Nigeria and beyond.

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