APC Support Group Queries Oshiomhole’s Leadership/Democratic Credentials

APC Support Group Queries Oshiomhole’s Leadership/Democratic Credentials

Adibe Emenyonu in Benin-city

A socio-political group, APC Edo South Vanguard, has placed the democratic and leadership credentials of the All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwart, Senator Adams Oshiomhole under close scrutiny and concluded that the former Edo State governor has a poor sense of history, judging by his (Oshiomhole’s) resolve to repeat the same mistake he made in the 2020 gubernatorial elections where he  fielded an unacceptable candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, which led to a disgraceful outcome for the party.

Rising from an emergency meeting of the group yesterday in Benin-city at the country home of its President, Mr. Charles Osawaru, the Edo South APC Support Group noted that events of the last few weeks leading to next Saturday’s gubernatorial primaries of the party have revealed that the state leader of the party, Oshiomhole, has in his usual characteristic manner settled for the candidacy of another aspirant with huge moral burden hanging on his neck.

It said for Dennis Idahosa to fly the APC flag in deference to the concerns and sentiments of other party leaders in Edo South in particular and the state at large would boomerang.

The group added that should this be the eventual outcome, a repeat of the 2020 scenario would play out when Oshiomhole singlehandedly railroaded Ize-Iyamu as the party’s candidate in defiance to protests from other major stakeholders of the party who felt that the candidacy of Ize-Iyamu as the party’s standard bearer at that contest would be counter-productive.

According to them, “Oshiomhole had during the 2016 gubernatorial campaigns literally taken Ize-Iyamu, then of the PDP to the cleaners by alleging several infractions, acts of irresponsibility, dishonesty and other criminal conduct against him.

“In 2020 after Oshiomhole insisted on the candidacy of Ize-Iyamu for the APC, it became a huge burden on the APC on how to clean up Ize-Iyamu after those strong accusations against him by Oshiomhole became a herculean task.

“The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) simply installed television sets blaring with loud speakers at the King’s Square in Benin-city centre where Oshiomhole’s exact words in 2016 against Ize-Iyamu were repeatedly aired to the discomfort of Edo indigenes.

“Now, we are about to witness a replay of the 2020 episode in 2024, when Oshiomhole, under whose administration Dennis Idahosa was indicted by an Administrative Panel of Inquiry instituted to investigate acts of misconduct, fraud and malfeasance against him (Idahosa). The indictment led to the unceremonious exit of Idahosa from the State Executive Council where he was a Commissioner for Investment and Diaspora Affairs.

“Till date, it is disturbing to note that Idahosa hasn’t made any conscious attempt to approach the courts in order to clear his name of the hanging moral burden on him. He was accused of series of fraud and corrupt practices to an extent that it is believed in many circles that he cannot travel to Canada where he is said to be wanted to answer to charges of advance fee fraud.

“Two of his siblings are currently said to be cooling their heels in Canadian prisons for offences that involve Dennis Idahosa. It is this same person Oshiomhole has settled for to become governor in Edo State.”

The group also noted with concerns that from discussions with prominent Benin political class and actors, it is very certain that Idahosa, as APC candidate, will not earn the needed support of the different political power blocks in the district due to his questionable background, reprehensible antecedents and dwindling public image.

It said: “If the party has decided to zone its governorship ticket to Edo South senatorial district, why not allow the various tendencies in the place to pick an acceptable candidate that would unite all rather than forcing a bitter pill down the people’s throat?

“Featuring Dennis Idahosa as APC candidate would backfire and would certainly not guarantee APC the needed victory at the polls. Oshiomhole should stop dictating to the Benins who is best to stand in for them at every political contestation.

“The candidacy of Idahosa as Oshiomhole’s preferred candidate is presently receiving flaks from various individuals, groups and organisations in Edo State. It is hoped that the party leaders would take a second look at fielding Idahosa as candidate for the September 11 polls if the party hope to put up a respectable showing at the polls.”,

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