Starlink Appoints TD AFRICA First Authorised Distributor in Africa

In a groundbreaking agreement, Starlink has authorized TD Africa, Nigeria’s premier technology distribution powerhouse, to distribute Starlink Kits.

The company in a statement said the development marks a significant moment in TD Africa’s goal of democratizing internet access in the heart of Nigeria and across Africa.

Starlink delivers high-speed, low-latency internet to users all over the world. Starlink provides quality and cost-effective internet access to homes, businesses, and especially caters to those in remote locations that are currently underserved or unreached. As the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit, Starlink delivers broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more.  

 TD Africa said it plans to leverage Starlink’s unique selling points such as high-speed, low latency, broad coverage and scalability to bridge the digital divide.

TD Africa’s Coordinating Managing Director, Mrs. Chioma Chimere, highlighted the synergy between TD Africa’s experience as a leading distributor of technology and business solutions and Starlink’s commitment to transforming how the world accesses the internet.

She expressed excitement about the growth opportunities this agreement presents across the continent while emphasizing TD Africa’s mission to provide accessible, affordable, and usable internet solutions to individuals and businesses.

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