After S’Court Victory, Fintiri Says Enough of Inflicting Injury on Shared Bond

Daji Sani in Yola

Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri, yesterday, in a state broadcast, appealed to stakeholders and others to set aside whatever misgivings they hitherto nursed and move on for the betterment of the state.

“We have inflicted enough injury to our bond and unity as a people, I am saying enough is enough. There is limit to what falsehood can achieve.

“Adamawa State is greater than each one of us. We have wasted enough time, we have raised false hopes and rendered enough havoc to the anxious psyche of our supporters,” he said.

He said his victory at the Supreme Court on Wednesday January  13th, 2024 has officially closed all the noise on the 2023 election in the state

“The days of lying and deceits are over. The moment of false propaganda and cheap talks are gone.

“It is no longer in contest that Adamawa State is a state for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). This has been affirmed both at the polls and the courts,” he said.

The governor said the best way to pay the voters back was to continue his developmental strides  and improve on his service delivery for the people of the state.

He said, “We are forever indebted to our voters for choosing us and the future of  our dear state in this journey. This judgement is a tonic to spur  for I and deputy, Professor Kaletapwa Farauta, to do more for you and our dear state,” he said.

He also said he would continue the onslaught against the nefarious urban miscreant known as Shila boys and other forms of criminal activities in the state

“I must appreciate INEC for standing firm as an unbiased electoral umpire in this election even when it’s Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) acted irresponsibly and unlawfully as the supreme court on it judgement has condemned the action of the REC as act of irresponsibility and criminality.

“As for those who connived with the REC to make us pass through those democratically embarrassing moments, I want to assure  you once again that  we owe it a duty to prosecute all of them according to the dictates of the law. This is the only way we can protect our electoral process and democratic culture from undue abuse,” he said.

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