TGI Forges Partnership with Niger State to Boost Agriculture

In a remarkable move to fortify food security and stimulate economic growth, the Executive Governor of Niger State, Mohammed Umaru Bago, has sealed a Framework Agreement for Commodities Off-take between the state’s premier limited liability company, Niger Food Security & Logistics Company, Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group.

Under the terms of this agreement, Niger State Government will spearhead the cultivation, harvesting, aggregation, and sales of vital crops such as paddy, soya beans, maize, and sesame seeds. Acting as the Off-taker, TGI Group will assume responsibility for the seamless purchase and transportation of the farm produce.

Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This is history made, not in the making. Just today we have concluded on various pieces of land we have in Niger State. The Traditional Institutions and the Local Government System have also been mandated for advocacy. I can assure you that in less than 3 months, we can deliver you from aggregation, even before cropping, in any quantity of whatever you want from Niger State. We are going to be partners, and we will promote agriculture not just in Niger State but across Nigeria. This opportunity will create the value chain from production and cropping to processing and other endeavors.”

Vice Chairman, TGI Group, Africa, Mr. Farouk Gumel added, “This agreement will ensure that WACOT is fed with the immediate needs to meet our global orders. We have WACOT Rice Limited – the biggest, single Rice Mill in Sub-Saharan Africa; to produce our premium quality rice, we need paddy, and Niger State will supply us paddy. We have one of the largest poultry businesses on the continent, and Niger State is stepping up to ensure that we get the maize we need to feed the poultry for the product that we produce. Therefore, this is a partnership that will not only change our group but will definitely change Nigeria.”

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