WTC Abuja Residences Elevates Urban Living with Unrivaled Luxury, Connectivity, Community

WTC Abuja Residences Elevates Urban Living with Unrivaled Luxury, Connectivity, Community

WTC Abuja Residences, built by the Churchgate Group in a choice location in Abuja, is a great combination of urban living that presents an unrivaled luxury, connectivity, and community. Bennett Oghifo writes

Churchgate Group’s WTC Abuja Residences is designed and rendered to provide Luxury Living, Mr Karim Adelaja Ahmed, Vice President World Trade Center Abuja, stating that the company’s journey into luxury real estate began with a steadfast commitment to excellence and a vision to redefine the standards of opulence in Nigeria. 

Ahmed said the World Trade Center Abuja represents a beacon of opulence and prosperity in the heart of Nigeria’s Federal Capital City. With a vision to redefine luxury living and corporate excellence, the WTC Abuja stands as a meticulously planned complex spanning over 100,000 square meters, embodying the epitome of sophistication; purposeful luxury and innovation. The core vision of WTC Abuja is to set a new standard for luxury real estate development, featuring a residential tower and AAA offices that exude sophistication and opulence. A meticulously planned complex, the WTC Abuja seamlessly blends modernity with Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, offering a distinctive experience for those who seek the pinnacle of refined living. Presently, the residences and offices within the WTC Abuja Complex are ready and occupied. The vision unfolds as individuals seamlessly transition between “living, working and playing” – all within the same prestigious location. With 120 luxury apartments and 33,000 square meters of office space, WTC Abuja is not just a development; it is a purposefully built community that caters to every aspect of an elite lifestyle.

The WTC Abuja towers, he said, proudly stand as the first purpose-built World Trade Center in West Africa. As you drive from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, the 25-story towers emerge as a symbol of distinction, welcoming you into the Central Business District like no other real estate development. WTC Abuja is more than a complex; it is a manifestation of the Churchgate Group’s commitment to promoting trade, business investment, hospitality, and tourism in Nigeria. Aligned with the goals of the World Trade Centers Association, WTC Abuja is positioned as the premier address for upscale office spaces, luxury residences, retail shopping, and leisure activities in Nigeria and Africa.

On the choice of Abuja for the development of the iconic towers, he said, “While Lagos thrives as a commercial hub, Abuja emerges as the epicenter of commerce in Africa – an evolving business hub, the center of political power, and global business in the continent. WTC Abuja aims to be the distinctive landmark and iconic complex befitting Nigeria’s Federal capital city, offering an environment for residents to interact with influencers and leverage high-brow society connections.”

Founded 1968, the Churchgate Group has consistently embraced a forward-thinking approach, leveraging its expertise and unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled quality in every project, he said.

“Our decision to invest in the luxury niche stems from our belief in providing not just housing but a lifestyle that transcends expectations. We recognise the discerning tastes of our clientele and understand the importance of creating living spaces that reflect sophistication, innovation, and cultural richness. By focusing on luxury real estate, we aim to set new benchmarks and elevate the standards of living in Nigeria.

“The Churchgate Group is defined by its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of quality. Our core values revolve around integrity, customer satisfaction, and a forward-thinking mindset. As a conglomerate, we diversify our investments across various sectors, with a common thread of delivering exceptional value and contributing positively to the growth and development of Nigeria.”

The World Trade Centre Abuja, he said, is a monumental project that demanded meticulous planning and adherence to the highest standards. While the vision was grand, various factors, including regulatory approvals, intricate architectural designs, and the complexity of integrating diverse facilities, contributed to the extended timeline. Despite challenges, our unwavering commitment to delivering an iconic and world-class development remained steadfast.

Discussing how Churchgate is weathering the storms of a debilitating Nigerian economy, occasioned by hyperinflation and unstable exchange rates, he said, “Navigating the challenges posed by a challenging economic landscape requires adaptability and resilience. Churchgate Group employs strategic financial management, innovative solutions, and a proactive approach to mitigate the impact of hyperinflation and unstable exchange rates. Our focus on delivering value and maintaining high standards ensures that we not only weather the storms but also emerge stronger in the face of economic challenges.”

On what Nigerians, especially property enthusiasts, should expect from the Churchgate Group going forward, he said, “Looking ahead, Nigerians and property enthusiasts can anticipate the Churchgate Group’s continued commitment to excellence and innovation. We remain dedicated to shaping the future of luxury real estate in Nigeria, introducing iconic developments that redefine the landscape. Our focus includes expanding our portfolio, embracing sustainable practices, and contributing significantly to the growth and transformation of Nigeria’s real estate sector. As a beacon of sophistication, Churchgate Group is poised to set new standards and create enduring legacies for generations to come.”

He said for Investors affiliated with the World Trade Center Association, WTC Abuja provides access to diverse global business and economic opportunities. Proximity to the seat of power in Nigeria offers the chance to influence international trade and policy decisions directly.

He said, “For residents and businesses, located in the Diplomatic zone, WTC Abuja ensures added security, creating a peaceful environment for both work and residence. Unbeatable location – only 5 minutes away from Federal government offices and the seat of power – offering business proximity to the entire Abuja metropolis. Convenient transportation with the Abuja Metro railway adjacent to the complex, ensuring a 15-minute commute to and from the international airport. As we welcome high-net-worth local and international organisations to the World Trade Center Abuja, we invite you to be part of a legacy that redefines luxury, sophistication, and prosperity in the heart of Nigeria’s capital.

On what sets WTC Abuja Residences apart for those seeking a unique living experience, he said, “WTC Abuja’s prime city center location offers unparalleled access to business districts, commercial centers, and recreational facilities—a true embodiment of vibrant urban living. Complementing this are world-class amenities meticulously crafted to enhance the overall quality of life, prioritising resident safety with top-notch security features. Inside the apartments, luxury and comfort prevail, fostering a sense of community through engaging social events and networking activities.

“The residential towers provide an exceptional opportunity for luxurious living through rental arrangements. A thriving community has been steadily growing for up to three years, offering a lifestyle that fosters a profound sense of belonging. The towers boast a diverse residency, contributing to the dynamic and cosmopolitan nature of the WTC Abuja community, making it a long-term lifestyle choice.

“WTC Abuja Residences not only foster networking and interaction among professionals and entrepreneurs, opening avenues for business partnerships and collaborations but also offer an exclusive recreational clubhouse for its residents. Regular community events, networking programs, and industry-specific gatherings provide opportunities for residents to connect, ensuring that the potential for collaboration extends beyond the workplace.

“The recreational clubhouse is more than just a haven; it is a sanctuary crafted exclusively for the residents of the apartment tower. Picture this: a realm where residents not only unwind but flourish, where every amenity whispers the promise of an elevated lifestyle. This is no ordinary facility; it is an extraordinary space designed to enrich lives on multiple fronts. Your journey begins with a state-of-the-art fitness club, where wellness isn’t just a routine but a lifestyle. Imagine an executive lounge that exudes sophistication, tennis and squash courts that ignite your competitive spirit, and an infinity swimming pool that beckons you to dive into luxury. But that’s not all – our clubhouse is a tapestry of experiences. Feel the beat of excitement at our vibrant bar, rejuvenate your senses at the spa, and entrust your little ones to the care of our crèche. For those who seek a different rhythm, we’ve laid out a jogging track that winds its way through serenity. More than just a collection of amenities, the clubhouse is a testament to our commitment to communal well-being. We believe in fostering physical health and reducing stress, creating an environment where satisfaction blooms among our cherished residents.

“WTC Abuja Residences redefine luxury living, exclusivity, and privacy with meticulously designed spaces that reflect sophistication and opulence. Privacy is paramount with secure entry points and personalized services. The development attracts a diverse range of residents, creating a unique tapestry of experiences in an inclusive and enriching community that adheres to global standards of living. I invite like-minded individuals and families to join our exclusive enclave. Beyond lavish living spaces and world-class amenities, our residences foster connections and professional collaborations. The residential towers, a hidden gem available for rent, house a thriving community that has embraced this unique lifestyle for up to three years. It is more than a residence; it is a lifestyle investment. Seize the opportunity to become part of a diverse and elite community—the essence of refined living in the capital city.”

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