Regenesys Business School Marks 25 Years of Educational Excellence with Global Impact

Fadekemi Ajakaiye 

In a momentous celebration held at its Victoria Island office in Lagos, Nigeria, Regenesys Business School commemorated its 25th anniversary with unparalleled grandeur. The event, graced by influential leaders from both private and government sectors, stood as a testament to Regenesys’ unwavering dedication to advancing excellence in education and activating transformative changes in countless lives.

Over the course of 25 years, Regenesys has etched a profound legacy, positively touching the lives of more than 200,000 students and alumni spanning across 190+ countries. The institution distinguishes itself with a holistic approach that transcends intellectual intelligence (IQ), embracing emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ). Dr. Marko Saravanja, the esteemed Chairman of Regenesys, delivered a stirring address, emphasizing the institution’s unwavering commitment to delivering quality education and shaping the future landscape of business education in Nigeria.

Dr. Saravanja remarked, “This celebration of a quarter-century signifies the paramount importance of education not only in Africa but on a global scale. I take personal pride in the multitude of students who entrusted Regenesys Business School to guide them in various spheres of their lives, be it entrepreneurial pursuits or professional paths. The pursuit of academics is imperative for fostering growth, facilitating long-term educational progress, and influencing social change and societal consciousness.”

With a truly global footprint, Regenesys stands tall, catering to over 1000 corporate clients with an extensive portfolio of more than 100 programs across six strategically positioned campuses worldwide, including South Africa, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and the USA. These campuses offer a diverse array of educational opportunities, ranging from Doctorates and MBAs to bachelor’s degrees and higher certificates, showcasing Regenesys’ unwavering commitment to addressing the diverse educational needs of individuals at various stages of their academic and professional journeys.

Regenesys has not merely marked the passage of time but has also embraced the digital era with the launch of Digital Regenesys. This initiative focuses on crucial digital skills such as cybersecurity, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and data science. It encompasses entities like Health (promoting overall wellness), MyWealth Investments (providing financial market knowledge and dynamic investment products for financial freedom), EdForAll (ensuring affordable access to higher education), and Dananda Talent (a talent acquisition agency).

As the jubilation unfolds, Regenesys gazes not only into its illustrious past but also toward an innovative and globally impactful future. This 25th anniversary is more than a milestone; it signifies a renewed commitment to empowering individuals, fostering holistic development, and making meaningful contributions to the growth of business education, not only in Nigeria but beyond. Here is to 25 years of unwavering excellence and the promise of a better impactful and inspiring future at Regenesys Business School.

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