League of Extraordinary Champions: As the World Celebrates Goodluck Jonathan at 66

League of Extraordinary Champions: As the World Celebrates Goodluck Jonathan at 66

It’s a few weeks to Christmas, but many are happily wishing the darling of democracy, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, eight maids-a-milking, representative of the eight beatitudes. And why not—when the former President of Nigeria is the best thing the country has had since independence.

Now 66 years and counting, Jonathan’s existence is a blessing to the people of Bayelsa state, Nigeria, Africa, and the civilised world.

The deeds of Jonathan as president continue to resound to this very day, even though two different presidents have been admitted to office since his departure. It might be how Jonathan left Aso Rock Villa, composed and unattached, that won him the respect of sane minds, affixing his name on the marble plaques of Honourable Statesmen.

Leaving aside many of the accomplishments of Jonathan while in office, the man embodied the interests of the people. During the election that saw him vacate the GCFR role, Jonathan warmly congratulated his rival on the latter’s victory even before the results were announced. By doing so, Jonathan shielded the nation from unnecessary bloodshed, long hours in court, and general unrest.

That action of Jonathan was the first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa. Every other course of action bearing resemblance to it has been categorised as an imitation, including the most recent in Liberia. But this is how legends live, creating paths for others to follow.

At 66, Jonathan has affected the world. He has reached a height of recognition as an honourable figure that even he might never have imagined. To call him an icon and champion of democracy is not too much.

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