Zamfara State Gov.Lawal Urged to Address name Discrepancies

Folalumi Alaran in Abuja

Association of Civil Society and Public Interest Organisation in Nigeria (CCSPION), has urged Zamfara State Governor Dauda Lawal to address alleged name discrepancies on his certificates, emphasizing the importance of clarity for proper identification.

The National Coordinator of CCSPION, Abraham Ekokotu, made this appeal during a press briefing in Abuja over the weekend.

At the briefing, Ekokotu expressed the organization’s concern about the governor’s documents bearing multiple pseudo names, causing confusion among the people.

Ekokotu highlighted instances where Lawal claimed different birth years under distinct names, raising questions about the authenticity of his records.

“Lawal’s documents present a puzzling situation, as he declared birth years of 1965 and 1969 under different names. Affidavits sworn at the Supreme Court of Nigeria reveal conflicting identities – Dauda Muhammed Lawal and Dauda Ado Lawal,” stated Ekokotu.

The organization underscored the need for transparency, asserting that Nigerians and the citizens of Zamfara State deserve an explanation.

Ekokotu emphasized that Governor Lawal, guided by his faith, oath of office, and moral rectitude, should clarify the discrepancies in his documents and address concerns about potential rule violations.

As the spotlight intensifies on Governor Dauda, calls for accountability grow louder, aligning his case with the ongoing fight against corruption in the nation.

Meanwhile,Ekokotu urged the EFCC to as a matter of urgency expose and hold accountable those individuals who aided and abetted any alleged corrupt practices of former CBN governor.

He said: “We call on the EFCC to remain steadfast in its fight against corruption in Nigeria and proceed to deal with any person who loots or launders, aids or abets another person to launder or loot from the public treasury so as to recover the looted funds make him face music.”

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