NBC Partners WIMBIZ Annual Big Sister Programme To Empower Young Girls

NBC Partners WIMBIZ Annual Big Sister Programme To Empower Young Girls

In line with its commitment to women and youth empowerment, the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) Limited, through its Women in NBC Network (WINN) recently partnered with the Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ), to mentor young girls aged 13-18 through WIMBIZ annual Big Sister program.

In a statement, It was noted that the 2023 edition was held at the Government Senior College Ikoyi, Osborne, Lagos where NBC and other partner organizations mentored female senior secondary school students on different topics revolving around self-discovery in defining and achieving life goals while building self-confidence, entrepreneurial skills, leadership capacity, personal values and relationships, all aimed at building a strong exceptional female leadership in every sphere of human endeavour.

Speaking at the event, the People and Culture Director, Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) Limited, Julia Esezobor, emphasised NBC’s role in empowering women in Nigeria and the pivotal role the Women in NBC Network (WINN) plays in achieving this.

Esezobor, said: “At NBC, we recognize the immense potential that women and young people hold, not only as contributors to our workforce but as catalysts for societal progress and economic growth. This is why we believe in investing in the development of young girls in the next generation of female leaders through our Women In NBC Network where all the women in different departments within the organization can mentor young people and inspire them.”

“The Women in NBC Network (WINN), is an avenue to engage, connect and enrich our ladies and a safe place to discuss issues that pertain to our growth and development. It also serves as a veritable avenue for driving insights and co-creating solutions not only for female staff but for the entire female populace. Our dedication to empowering women and youth goes beyond corporate responsibility; it is an integral component of our vision to catalyse positive change in Nigeria.” she added

The statement explained that the Big Sister Programme was established by WIMBIZ in 2021 to equip female secondary school students with valuable life skills as well as provide them with an opportunity to benefit from mentorship opportunities provided by experienced professionals within WIMBIZ’s network of members.

Commenting on the initiative, Chairman Planning Committee, WIMBIZ Big Sister Director, WIMBIZ Awele Chiedu, stated, “Empowering young girls with the skills and confidence to become leaders is crucial for the socio-economic development of Nigeria. Together, through initiatives like these, we can create a more inclusive and equitable future for all.”

The Principal of Government College Ikoyi, Ayotunde Bamidele, also commended the initiative, “We are grateful for NBC and WIMBIZ for this mentoring program which is value-adding for the students. The opportunity to meet professionals from diverse fields will have a lasting impact on the children.”

The statement remarked that that since its founding in 1951, NBC has consistently taken the lead in implementing transformative initiatives that enhance the lives of women and youths in the country, empowering them to make substantial contributions to their families and communities.

The statement averred that during the just concluded WIMBIZ annual conference, the company gave out a total of three million naira to two participants as part of its Impact Investment award.

The statement added: “NBC also empowered over 1,000 women across 8 states in Nigeria, including Lagos, Oyo, Kano, Rivers, Imo, Borno, Edo and the Federal Capital Territory through its #NBCEmpowerHer initiative which is part of the social impact programs under the €1 million fund donated by its parent company, the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.”

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