Sylvastar Group CEO Receives Honorary Doctorate from Ghana Chartered Institute

The Chairman and CEO of Sylvastar Group, Dr Seth Sylvester, is living in the moment after he received an honorary Professional Fellowship Doctorate Degree in Project Management/Real Estate Development from the Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics in Ghana.

The Personal Assistant to the CEO, Mr Jude Oota, gave the update in a press statement issued on Tuesday.

The Chartered Institute acknowledged Sylvester’s outstanding contributions to project management and real estate sectors.

The Head of the Nigerian Office, Dr. Yinka Olateju, expressed pride in Sylvester’s noteworthy administrative acumen and leadership integrity.

He emphasised that the award comes at a critical time when the nation needs exemplary leaders like him, given the challenges faced by public leaders and professionals in maintaining dignity, leadership integrity, and values, especially in corruption, poor accountability, and transparency practices.

Olateju also commended Sylvester’s impressive, excellent, and incorruptible accomplishments in project management and real estate sectors.

He particularly lauded his empowerment schemes aimed at alleviating the youth and underprivileged across various ethnic divides.

Sylvester’s leadership integrity and uncommon professional track records were described as “phenomenal in Nigeria and on the global stage.”

The Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics Ghana expressed its pride in recognising individuals who embody such values and contribute significantly to the development of the nation.

In Sylvester’s words, “Before I became associated with real estate, Sylvastar Group had its roots in various subsidiaries.

“Sylvajem Food & Beverages, the proud manufacturer of Aquasylva Premium Water and Sylvastar Ultra Premium Rice, marked our entry into the industry.”

He also listed Sylvacore Energy Limited, known for Silver Wood Screen, Silver Multipurpose Rubber Adhesives, and Silver Paint, which showcased its commitment to innovation and quality in the energy sector.

“Foodstash, a creation of our finance subsidiary SylvastarCoop, became a testament to our diversified portfolio’,” he added.

Sylvastar Residences Ltd, our real estate subsidiary, “is where many know me today,” says the chairman. “However, this recognition is not just about my journey in real estate; it’s about the collective journey of Sylvastar Group.”

For the CEO, each subsidiary has played a pivotal role in our growth, and he shares this honour with every individual who has been part of this incredible journey.

Sylvester went further to express his deepest gratitude to his family, whose unwavering support has been his anchor, and his friends and well-wishers, whose encouragement has been a source of inspiration.

He added: “The success of Sylvastar Group wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our team members, both past and present. This recognition is a testament to your hard work and commitment.”

This award serves as a testament to Sylvester’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and making a positive impact in society.

Meanwhile, distinguished representatives of the institution including the Director of Research and Planning, Abduhazeez Salau; and the Director of Corporate Communications, Dr Mrs Mercy Kemi Babalola graced the occasion.

Others were the Director of Research and Planning, Dr Abdulhazeez Salau, who highlighted Sylvester’s recognition as a result of his unique role in the nation’s socio-economic development.

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