Kelvin Obasuyi Becomes First Nigerian Black Leader Scholar at Oxford

Kelvin Obasuyi Becomes First Nigerian Black Leader Scholar at Oxford

Being first is often the sign of eminence in one thing or another. Nigeria has seen many firsts in many things. Even so, the recent recognition of Kelvin Obasuyi as Nigeria’s first black leader scholar at Oxford brought a new flavour to the nation. This prestige is unique and could pave the way for greater distinction in the future.

Oxford University honoured Obasuyi as one of the most exceptional Black or Mixed young leaders undergoing a Master’s degree programme in Business Administration (MBA) at the Saïd Business School. With this recognition, Obasuyi is the first of many to come, bringing glory and pride to the nation of his birth.

Obasuyi’s distinction comes on the heels of the Oxford Black Scholar Program. It is one of the provisions that the university has made to certify and empower black business leaders from all over the world based on their academic virtues and potential for leadership. Although such programmes are meant to display the university’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and representativeness, it is a source of pride for many.

Obasuyi’s emergence as one of the leading figures at the business school has motivated many young and bright minds from Nigeria. Although many of these Nigerians have some ways to go before reaching Obasuyi’s height, the 56 Capital founder has paved a new path for them to walk in.

This is not Obasuyi’s first time distinguishing himself. He did so as a new graduate of Economics from Covenant University; as a Technical Project Manager at Standard Bank Group from 2017 to 2021; as a Project Manager at First Bank of Nigeria from 2021 to January of 2023; and as a business analyst at Clear Voice Interpreting Services, UK, from February 2023 to July 2023.

In short, Obasuyi’s recognition from Oxford University is well-deserved. It is an honour for him and other Nigerians in the UK.

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