“IG AGUOWO Foundation Announced as the Proud Sponsor of 3rd Edition Best Brain Contest Anambra Quiz 2023”

The realm of education in Anambra State is set to receive a significant boost as IG AGUOWO Health and Academic Foundation steps forward as the proud sponsor of the much-anticipated 3rd Edition of the Best Brain Contest’s BBC Anambra Quiz. The event, scheduled for December 9, 2023, stands as a beacon of academic prowess and cultural celebration among senior secondary school students.

Frank Igbojindu, the enterprising Group Managing Director of Akpoazaa Group and CEO of Best Brain Contest, revealed the date for this educational extravaganza, emphasizing its role in challenging students’ knowledge in Mathematics and proficiency in the Igbo language. “The quiz competition is not just a test of intellect; it’s a celebration of Anambra’s rich cultural heritage,” shared Igbojindu.

Under the visionary leadership of Ichie Ozo Ignatius Aguowo, IG AGUOWO Foundation has become a bastion of support for education. With an impressive roster of 350 students benefiting from their scholarship program, the Foundation’s commitment to nurturing young minds remains unparalleled. The recent gesture of granting lifetime scholarships to Anambra’s representatives at an international debate competition in Malaysia stands as a testament to their dedication to empowering the youth.

Beyond scholarships, IG AGUOWO Foundation has significantly impacted education infrastructure, notably refurbishing and constructing the Staff Quarters of Ezeike High School in Nibo. This initiative received acclaim from Anambra State’s Commissioner for Education, Prof Ngozi Chuma Udeh, highlighting the Foundation’s commitment to enhancing educational facilities.

Speaking to the press, Ichie Ozo Ignatius Aguowo reaffirmed the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to giving back to society. “It’s a promise made long ago, a dedication to supporting those who need it the most,” emphasized Aguowo. He expressed alignment with Igbojindu’s altruistic vision, praising Best Brain Contest’s dedication to educational advancement and reaffirming the Foundation’s steadfast support.

Dr. Frank Igbojindu, profoundly grateful for the Foundation’s sponsorship, vowed to continue the fight against poverty and corruption through education. “We’re immensely thankful for IG AGUOWO Foundation’s endorsement, a testament to their deep care for humanity,” stressed Igbojindu, highlighting the Foundation’s pivotal role in championing the 3rd BBC Anambra Quiz.

As anticipation mounts for this prestigious academic showdown, the collaboration between IG AGUOWO Foundation and Best Brain Contest stands as a testament to how collective efforts can revolutionize education, nurturing young minds and paving the way for a brighter future in Anambra State.

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