CSOs Warn Nigeria, Others against Signing Lesbianism, Gay Marriage Pact

CSOs Warn Nigeria, Others against Signing Lesbianism, Gay Marriage Pact

Seriki Adinoyi in Jos

A coalition of civil society organisations (CSOs) has warned the federal government and heads of Africa-Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states against signing the European Union and Africa-Caribbean and Pacific countries (EU-ACP) Partnership Agreement.

The group, led by an educationist and concerned mother, Dr Ekaette Ettang urged their countries’ parliaments and legislatures to avoid ratifying the ‘deceptive’ treaty.

   According to the CSOs, if the ACP governments succumb to the European Union’s intimidation and sign the Lesbianism, Gay marriage, Bisexual, Transgender and Bisexual (LGBT) agreement, it would spell doom for the nations, arguing that the pact was “primarily aimed at the homosexualisation and LGBTisation of the countries.”

The CSOs were made up of Human & Constitutional Rights Committee, African Bar Association, Parents Watch Initiative and Zarephath Aid.

A crucial meeting between the EU and ACP ministers took place in Brussels on November 28, 2022, to potentially exert greater pressure on the officials to persuade their heads of government to sign the contentious LGBT agreement.

 Another meeting with the same objective took place from June 19 to 28, 2023 in Brussels, but ended in a deadlock, as the ACP parliamentarians and leaders vehemently opposed the signing of the document.

 Chairman, Human & Constitutional Rights Committee, African Bar Association, Sonnie Ekwowusi, explained that the agreement, which takes the form of a treaty, was deceptively and deviously worded to impose the EU’s LGBT agenda on ACP countries.

Ekwowusi said, “This is why ACP countries must unanimously rise up and resist the signing of this agreement because once the agreement is signed, it shall automatically override their constitutions and national sovereignties of the ACP countries. In contrast to the Monroe Doctrine, Nigeria operates the Dualist doctrine under international law.”

 He added that by virtue of Section 12 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended), a treaty signed by Nigerian political leaders does not have the force of law in the country until it is ratified and domesticated by the National Assembly.

 He however said the LGBT agreement was craftily worded that once signed by Nigeria and the ACP countries, the agreement automatically supersedes their respective domestic laws and establishes LGBT as their new law.

The lawyer recalled that President Joe Biden of the United States had claimed that LGBT rights were universal international law, but reaffirmed that LGBT practices are illegal in Nigeria, and likely in all African countries, except South Africa.

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