For the Umpteenth Time, Allen Onyema Soars  Higher

For the Umpteenth Time, Allen Onyema Soars  Higher

 Allen Onyema has once again bested his own exploits. The founder and Chairman of Air Peace has proven to be a distinguished nerve in the business community with his Air Peace brand thriving, and the effects are getting far-reaching.

Onyema’s name and that of his company have become household names in Nigeria. In fact, the business has continued to expand within the lengths and breadths of the African continent and beyond.

The business he started nine years ago has become the firmament and a leading light in Nigeria’s aviation sector. The airline has maintained its number one position and has not rested on its oars, as Onyema himself continues to spread his wings wider, soaring like an eagle.

It is no longer news that the Nigerian aviation topshot tycoon has earned a name for himself through his visionary contributions to Africa’s airline business. He has redefined it, stamped his feet and remains a strong authority whose name would be mentioned in glowing terms when the history of those in the sector is being talked about. His record of incisive investment and vision for the sector remains unequal.

Where many see a difficulty, Onyema sees an opportunity and will never slide by without grabbing it by the lapel.

Last week, the trained lawyer hit another unprecedented landmark as he announced that Air Peace has gotten a permit to operate in the UK and some other cities in Europe. This, as gathered by Society Watch, has been regarded as a major milestone in the nation’s aviation sector.   He has been commended for his audacity which would further launch Nigeria in a global world and polish its image.

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