Mustiboy Releases Afro Reggae Album,Pride of Africa

Mustiboy Releases Afro Reggae Album,Pride of Africa

International superstar, Mustapha Daodu also known as Mustiboy has released his highly anticipated, full length Afro reggae album, Pride of Africa.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos, His manager, Gbemileke Noah, said that Mustiboy has his musical odyssey spaning through continents, from the vibrant streets of Lagos State, Nigeria, to the eclectic music scene of Toronto, and later Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

“His unique perspective and unwavering passion shine through every note and lyric, creating a musical narrative that resonates with global audience.

“Launched on October 5th, 2023, the release of Pride of Africa marked the beginning of a musical odyssey that transcends borders and genres,” he said.

“Pride of Africa is not just an album, it’s an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of
Mustiboy’s music and cultural heritage. With the album, Pride of Africa, music lovers can embark on a journey that celebrates the fusion of African and Canadian influences, promising an unparalleled listening experience.

“As the album makes its global debut, Mustiboy’s exceptional talent and innovative creativity demand your attention. The melodies and messages within this album are destined to resonate with audiences worldwide, making Pride of Africa an iconic musical journey of our time.

“The track list for Pride of Africa promises to be a sonic journey like no other, blending the rhythms of Africa and Caribbean with the soul of Canada,” Gbemileke emphasized.

The tracks include Reggae Man, My Life” (feat. Mimzy), Mama the Mama, Victims, Africa, Kinky Reggae Man, Thinking About You (feat. Kalolina), Where Are You (Remastered Version), Just A Little Longer, My Lady, Asante Sana, Justice, Tomamha (God’s Mercy), Mama Was A Hustler, and Congratulations.

“In addition, Mustiboy added an extra layer of depth to the album with the track titled “E Don Tay” (feat. Brown $Huga) as a bonus track, and another one titled, Dedication to My Son (feat. Joe Psalmist) which adds the deep emotions of family love,” the manager said.

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