NSCDC Officers and ‘Stealing’ of Manhood

NSCDC Officers and ‘Stealing’ of Manhood

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches urges the Nigerian government to arrest and prosecute officers of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) who assaulted a man for allegedly stealing the manhood of two other persons in Abuja. In a tweet, the Leadership newspapers drew attention to this ugly incident. It said: “Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) officers assault man for allegedly stealing manhood of two other men at the national headquarters of the security organization in Sauka in Abuja”. In a video that was circulated on social media, officers of the NSCDC could be seen beating and brutalizing this man commanding him to ‘return it'(manhood). They slapped him several times and hit him with sticks and hard objects. The man’s face was swollen, and blood was gushing out. The AfAW contacted the NSCDC office via WhatsApp, and someone responded: “I hope you do not intend to drag the Corps to court over this video o?” 

The AfAW contact wondered why the NSCDC officers behaved this way, and mistreated the man. The NSCDC officer responded: “HMM you know this is Africa where it is difficult to get people, even so-called educated and well-trained people to think and approach issues scientifically. Most Africans cannot separate themselves from their superstitious beliefs, traditions, and all such stuff”. 

But this should not be a justification for this horrific abuse. This should rather be a reason to ensure that these erring officers are penalized to teach others a lesson. All Africans are not superstitious in their beliefs and behaviors. There are ‘Africans’ who think critically and scientifically. And those Africans should rally against allegations of penis disappearance and other superstition-based abuses.

To this end, the Advocacy for Alleged Witches calls on the government to arrest and prosecute all NSCDC officers who assaulted this innocent man in the video. The government should ensure that these officers answer for their crimes. It was painful and heartbreaking to watch as officers hit, kicked, and maltreated a man they were trained and paid to protect and defend. The NSCDC officers acted unprofessionally, and against the law. They did not make efforts to confirm the allegations. The officers did not verify or try to ascertain if the manhood was stolen as claimed. Nigerian authorities should ensure that this incident never repeats itself anywhere. There is no evidence that people’s private organs or breasts are stolen, or can magically disappeared or be disappeared as popularly believed. These claims are baseless and superstitious. The police have warned the public against making these false allegations and engaging in mob actions. The NSCDC and other state agencies should address this institutional failure. They should organize programs to reorient their officers and ensure that they carry out their duties as required by the law, not as dictated by their religions, beliefs and superstitions. These programs would enable their officers conduct themselves more professionally when confronted with similar cases.

Leo Igwe directs the Advocacy for Alleged Witches

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