UAE Delegation Arrives Nigeria over Visa Ban, Flight Resumption

UAE Delegation Arrives Nigeria over Visa Ban, Flight Resumption

Chinedu Eze

As a follow up to the visit of the Nigerian President,  Bola Tinubu to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently, a delegation from the Middle East nation arrived Abuja on Sunday to finalise discussions on lifting visa ban on Nigerians and also conclude on when airlines from both countries will resume flight services to each other’s destinations.

Reports indicated that the delegation, which comprised of five members, was expected to meet Nigerian officials over the next few days to diplomatic relations between Nigeria and UAE.

UAE last year withdrew its airlines Emirates and Etihad Airways from operating to Nigeria and also stopped issuing visas to Nigerians in reaction to Emirates’ revenues trapped in Nigeria,  which the government failed to remit to the airline. 

The delegation comprised of state officials, including Alshehhu Rasheed, Teo Teck San, Almannaei Khalid, Alhosani Talal and Janahi Asma.

President Tinubu recently made a stop over in Abu Dhabi,  capital of UAE  while returning from the G20 Summit in New Delhi,  India to kick-start discussions on renewing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

the Nigerian President had met with President Mohamed bin Zayad al Nahyan during the stopover last month, on the issues concerning the restoration of diplomatic relations. it is expected that Emirates Airlines’ 21 flights a week, comprising of two daily flights to Lagos and one daily flight to Abuja from Dubai would be restored and UAE would in turn restore Air Peace flights to the Middle East nation.

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