Hackapath Highlights Importance of Collaboration for Business Growth

Hackapath Highlights Importance of Collaboration for Business Growth

Emma Okonji

Business owners, entrepreneurs and visionary startups that gathered for a three day B2B matchmaking forum in Lagos, which was organised recently by Hackapath, in partnership with the International Trade Centre and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, have highlighted the importance of collaboration for business growth and expansion.    

Giving details to the B2B Matchmaking forum, the Founder of Hackapath, Nenye Patrick Kalu, said: “As businesses, whether big or small, they all need each other for growth. So the Hackapath platform offers them that growth opportunities that will help them collaborate for business expansion and growth. The gathering is more about identifying the value exchange in business and to offer businesses the opportunity to remain competitive in business and to build legacy companies that last. We partnered International Trade Cente and the Ministry of |Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, in order to bring together all the companies they have invested in, to share their experiences in business and to collaborate with other businesses in Nigeria. So Hackapath exposes Nigerian businesses to international businesses and offer them the  opportunities to collaborate and expand their businesses.”

Founder/CEO, Dinku Transnational, a Dubai-based Service Firm, Mr. Tega Agbosa, who presented the keynote paper at the B2B Matchmaking forum, advised businesses on the need to collaborate in order to strengthen their businesses. According to him, most business owners are skeptical to share business ideas, and therefore do not see the need for business collaboration. He said the B2B Matchmaking forum would help business owners see the opportunities in collaboration and partnerships.

“With strategic collaboration, businesses can grow far beyond the borders because collaboration attracts further investments. Businesses must be open and business owners must source for the right partners to grow their business,” Agbosa said.

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